Elvis is the Birthday Boy!

It’s not every day that a little old rescue dog gets to celebrate his 18th birthday…  so we made sure Elvis had the BEST DAY EVER! (with a little help from Cricket, Olive, Stella, Miss Pickles, George, Eli, Sunflower, Susie Q and Billy) Enjoy all the photos!

Cricket, Susie Q and Billy
Miss Pickles
Olive, Miss Pickles, Elvis, and Susie Q


    • Look at all those happy babies. Happy Birthday Elvis. It looks like you had quite the day.

  1. What a fun time. Great colorful photos. Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎈🎊🎉 Elvis

  2. What fun theme birthday party looks like everyone’s have a great time.❤🎂🐾

  3. Happy Birthday,little man !! 🥳 Such precious photos and so much fun !

  4. Happy Birthday to Elvis! Wow, 18 years old!! I loved all the photos of the adorable dogs!!!

  5. Happy happy birthday Elvis!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! ❤️🐾🐾

  6. Wishing you a very Happy 18th Birthday Elvis, and hope you have a very long and healthy life. Love the pics. Birthday wishes from Killer (Weiner dog) and Snoopy (Jack Russell).

  7. What a sweet thing to do. Happy Birthday Elvis, everyone looks so adorable and happy enjoying the party. Thank everyone who made this possible, these sweet babies are so lucky to be in a safe and happy environment. Love Mary Ann. ♥️🐶🎂🎉🎈💙💗🐾🐾🌻☀️

  8. Awww….what wonderful pictures!! They look like the most beautiful flower garden ever….. Happy 18th Birthday Elvis!!! <3 <3 <3

  9. Everyone looked so festive, especially the birthday boy, sweet Elvis. Made my heart happy to see all the other cuties enjoying themselves. Elvis is receiving all the love and care he has always deserved! Thank you all so much!

  10. Happy 18th Birthday, Elvis! Goes to show that a lot of love and good care can extend a sweet boy’s life. I loved all the photos; they warmed my heart and brought happy tears to my eyes.

  11. Wow, Elvis you are awesome to reach your age and still be the life of the party, right down to your brilliant shirt. Belated Happy Happy 18th Birthday Elvis, it looks like you had the best party ever, so I hope and pray your memories of your special day will keep you energised for quite a while while you head into your 19th year. Loving Hugs, & 💙💋💙💋💙💋 to you Birthday Boy.

  12. Elvis, you are a handsome little guy in those birthday duds! I hope your birthday was as wonderful and as special as you are. Love and Hugs!

  13. Wow Elvis has lived to have his 18th Birthday,!! 🎂🎉😁🐾 This is an awesome accomplishment in the Dog World!! Congratulations Elvis!! May you have a blessed Life!! ❤️❤️❤️🐾

  14. Happy birthday beautiful boy. ❤️ Looks like you had a pawsome bday party with all your adorable fursiblings. Love to all. 🤗😘😘

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