Preemptive Pet Store Ordinances Matter

Why a Preemptive Pet Store Ordinance Matters

  • Ensures that the city/county becomes and will ALWAYS remain a humane community.
  • Sends a strong message to decision-makers at all levels that constituents will not support the retail sale of commercially-bred pets sourced from mills or unethical backyard breeders.
  • Impacts the future puppy/kitten mill economic pipelines; disallowing the future retail sale of commercially bred puppies & kittens from mills.
  • Encourages other jurisdictions to choose to become humane and to take similar steps.
  • Establishes an ordinance model for other jurisdictions to easily follow.
  • Positively supports pet supply stores with a humane business model; stores that sell ONLY pet supplies and offer adoption venues to local rescues or shelters.
  • Positively affects the adoption of rescue/shelter animals in a region.
  • Eventually helps to reduce the shelter resource needs/costs in a region.
  • Eventually drives down shelter euthanasia numbers and expense.
  • Provides consumer protection from the tragic and hidden commercial breeding industry.
  • Supports responsible and reputable local breeders; those who provide appropriate care for the pets they breed. (Responsible breeders NEVER sell to pet stores.)
  • Reaches beyond the jurisdiction, educating residents and others about the puppy and kitten mill / pet store connection.
  • Inspires others to get involved in creating humane communities.
  • Promotes community awareness about canine welfare issues.
  • Positions the community as a champion of animal welfare.


  1. these are a great idea to present to your city council – shared to fb, twitter and pinterest

  2. This is set out so clearly that I cannot see how any community or its leaders could possibly either refuse to take steps to implement the full concept or deny the need for such measures. I hope and pray that the entire proposal will be closely examined and enacted in every community over time, and expand to being accepted globally to the point of becoming international law.

  3. This sounds like a great way to help communities learn what pet stores should be all about.

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