Puppy Mill Free Berthoud, Colorado

Harley’s Dream is Berthoud, Colorado’s Dream, too!

WOO HOO!!!! Harley’s hometown of Berthoud, CO adopted an ordinance last night that prohibits pet stores from selling puppies and kittens. The ordinance was proposed by Harley’s Dream and championed by Berthoud town Mayor, Will Karspeck.

This is a huge step forward for animal welfare in Colorado. We wish to thank the members of the Town of Berthoud Board of Trustees for their swift action in ensuring Berthoud will lead the way in Colorado to establishing and always remaining a humane community.

Our hope is that Berthoud can be a model for other jurisdictions, that they will take the same action, eventually leading toward a state-wide law prohibiting puppies and kittens from being sold in pet stores. We want to stop the puppy mill pipeline into Colorado.

Berthoud joins more than 300 localities nationwide that have passed similar laws restricting the retail sale of pets. Most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, where dogs are generally kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. Puppies and kittens born in mills are prone to illnesses that can be life-threatening and expensive to treat, and the unwitting consumers who purchase them are often left heartbroken.

Learn more: www.harleysdream.org
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  1. THANK YOU BERTHOUD, COLORADO!!! Harley would be so proud and I know that he and all the puppy mill dogs who have passed away are smiling and celebrating at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you as well to all of the people and spokes dogs like Harley’s Dream Keeper, Teddy Burchfield who work tireless to make Harley’s Dream of NO MORE PUPPY MILLS a reality.

  2. Oh! WOW! What fantastic news!
    Congratulations Rudi & Dan and the lovely Harley, still working to end Puppy Mills from Heaven! xxx

  3. this is so exciting – wish I could have been there – congratulations

  4. Fantastic news. Harley will be smiling fro ear to tiny ear. Bless his precious heart for all he is continuing to bring about for Puppy Mill Doggies everywhere.

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