Harley’s Heroes of Columbus, Ohio – MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

We are so proud of our Harley’s Heros of Columbus, Ohio!! They are one of our newest teams and they are already making an impact around their city by protesting at its several Petland locations.

Why do we protest?
Our purpose is to spread awareness to those passing by (on foot or in vehicles) about the pet store/puppy mill connection. By protesting, we are alerting the local residents that there is a serious issue at a particular pet store. We do not want the pet store to close its doors, we just want the store to stop selling puppies and kittens.

Interested in forming a protest/rally group in your town? Learn about Harley’s Heroes: www.harleysdream.org/harleys-heroes

#HarleysHeroes #ENDpuppymills


  1. Thank you for continuing to promote Harley’s Dream that no puppy or kitten should ever be born in a puppy/kitten mill. You have been doing an awesome job with your protests outside Petland Stores. Three Cheers for the Columbia Ohio team.

  2. Great job everyone! Iowa’s Ag department is going to focus on pets and puppy mills. I’m hoping this will be the first step toward addressing Iowa’s poor national ranking for state animal protection laws!

  3. It’s obvious from looking at this post, the Columbus, Ohio group hit the ground running. Fantastic!

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