$3000 REWARD to Bring Zoie Home

$3000 REWARD!!

Zoie has been missing from her home in Winter Garden, Florida since June 8. HELP IS NEEDED in finding her!

If you live in the Orlando area, we need people who will distribute posters and hand out mini-flyers. These are already printed and available by calling/texting 314-440-5992 (or) 314-484-6804.

Posters can be distributed to grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, vet clinics, pet supply stores, bus stops …. hung on telephone poles, fences, everywhere. The mini-flyers can be handed out to people who are out walking. Zoie’s parents hope the reward money will encourage more people to get active in the search.

Please help if you’re able. Let’s bring Zoie home!

Updates can be found on Zoie’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ZoieHarleysDaughter


  1. Make sure you have a fence and always walk on a lease. Never trust a dog EVER. I found a baby daschund on the side of the road on saturday. Luckily I found the dog and returned her but I wish I didn’t because the girl lied and said they had a fence. When I mentioned the reward off (which I didn’t want) she said her grandmother told her to put that on the facebook page. My husband said, listen, we did a good deed for you, now you do a good deed for dogs by donating any reward you intended (I doubt it) to an animal shelter to help homeless pets.

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    COME HOME Zoie🐶🏡♥️🐾🐾

  3. I wish I was close enough to help search for Zoie… :'( I will keep praying that she is found safe and sound….

  4. I don’t live in Florida but I’m praying they find here very soon and safe. <3

  5. Please get in contact with Babs Fry on Facebook. She finds and helps people find their dogs when they are missing. She is amazing. Hope she’s able to work her magic for you.

  6. I live in Atlanta, but I have been following closely, they are our babies. Hope she comes home safely and soon. She is adorable.

  7. I live in Mississippi but I know the love for fur babies and how devastated u feel! I will pray that whoever has her will bring her home!!! Please keep us posted!

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