Carina and Stellaluna – Hops & Harley OR BUST

Carina and Stellaluna are packed and heading for Colorado! They said they wouldn’t miss Hops & Harley for anything! You might wonder why they are leaving so soon since the event isn’t until June 15th – so we asked them about that … and they said their car isn’t a fast one and they plan to stop at every doggie diner along the way. Sounds like the perfect road trip! Let’s wish them safe travels.

Follow the adventures and antics of Carina and Stellaluna and all their siblings on their Facebook page: Hundrenruhe Haven Senior Dog Sanctuary


  1. It makes my heart so happy to see these two sweeties. If I had the funds I’d love to join everyone in Colorado, I’ll just keep telling people how bad puppy mills are and not to buy puppies from pet stores!

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