Never Give Up HOPE

From the moment we learned of the sad little elderly girl languishing in a Los Angeles shelter, we knew we had to try to save her. We named her “Hope” because it would be three days before the shelter would release her. We didn’t know if she would survive … and we “hoped” and prayed she would.

Of course we had no way of knowing Hope’s history, but from her physical and mental condition, we suspect that she lived her life as a breeding dog, being bred repeatedly. And it was clear that her last puppies were born not long before she landed in the shelter. Hope was desperate for attention and probably had never had a human “mom” to love her.

Hope’s first month of freedom was spent with her foster-mom in Los Angeles, who provided her the love and care (and trips to the vet) that were badly needed for her to become healthy enough to travel to our home in Colorado … Harley’s House of Dreams. After her arrival, we continued nurturing Hope, but we knew that she wouldn’t be able to go to “just any” forever home – it would have to be a special home, as Hope is considered a “hospice case” because of her old age, physical condition and degree of kidney disease.

Most of the people who inquired about adopting Hope were not prepared to care for her once they learned of her medical condition and the prognosis that she likely wouldn’t live one more year. But then Vickie inquired … A PERFECT MATCH!! Vickie is a friend of mine, a friend of Hope’s foster-mom in Los Angeles, and a Harley’s Hero. She was ready, willing and able to provide the special care and all the love that Hope would need for whatever time she has left.

And so it was arranged … on adoption day, Vickie drove 7 hours from her home in Minnesota – and we drove 7 hours from Colorado – to meet up halfway in the small town of Kadoka, South Dakota. This tiny, quaint little town will forever be special to us because of Hope! It was there that Hope’s new life truly began.

The moment Vickie held Hope for the first time, it was as if Hope knew she was finally where she was meant to be … in the arms of her forever mom at last!

We are so grateful to Vickie for giving Hope a chance to know nothing but love for the rest of her life. It’s so true what they say … saving one dog won’t change the world, but for Hope, her world has changed in a very big way. Thank you, Vickie! Have a wonderful new life, Hope!

“When I first saw Hope on Facebook, I let Rudi know that I was interested in adding her to our pack. I was very nervous and excited while filling out the adoption application. I never dreamed that she would be our very own. Rudi and Dan met me in South Dakota where I met Hope for the first time. Hope is fitting in well with her two canine sisters, Lonnie 10 and Camilla 3. She likes to follow them around the yard and we have already been on walks together. Thank you again for entrusting Hope to our care – she is exactly what we needed! We love her!” – Vickie

Read Hope’s journey from shelter dog to forever home.



  1. Thank you all for rescuing her and finding a wonderful home for her!

  2. Thank you for all your doing Vickie for Precious Darling Hope. ❤💜

  3. Makes me cry for the life she lived, no way to get away. So happy she’s found love finally.

  4. God bless. Hope is a sweetie. Love sweet love was all she needed 🌺🌸🌺🌸💜❤️

  5. I’m so thankful for Hatley’s House of Hope and all of Harley’s Heroes for the awesome work you do for the precious tiny doggies who have been to hell and back. I just know that gorgeous little Hope is going to live out her days with great joy knowing she is loved so much. Thank you Vickie for making such an amazing commitment to this sweet precious bundle who is Hope personified.

  6. God Bless Vickie and Hope…..beautiful little girl and beautiful Mother. <3 <3

  7. Hope has settle in nicely with our family – she enjoys walking around with her sisters inside the house and in our yard – I wouldn’t trade her for anything

  8. Love that sweet little girl’s face, so glad that she has a wonderful forever home!

  9. What a wonderful, touching, story…. Hope will know only love and safety for the rest of her days… <3 <3 <3

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