Harley’s Grandma is a SUPERHERO!

Carole has folded literally THOUSANDS of shirts for Harley’s Dream!

Harley’s Grandma Carole is a Superhero Against Puppy Mills! She volunteers her time (often 5-6 days a week) at the Harley’s Dream office in Berthoud, Colorado. Carole keeps all the merchandise folded and neatly organized, plus she packs and ships 95% of the orders. She also keeps us laughing, for instance, she often gets the word ‘unisex’ confused with ‘unicorn’… hee, hee!! We love her!

“I loved my little Harley, and helping to carry on his mission is my greatest joy. I’m 78 years old and it makes my heart feel good to know that I have an important job to do each day.” – Carole

PS: You’ll find our ‘Superhero Against Puppy Mills” t-shirts, hoodies, tanks and market bags available at this link.


  1. Thank you for all you do Grandma Carol , you are super hero.💜

  2. Thank you, Carole, for all you do to help out with Harley’s cause.

  3. thanks for all your support Carole – I know you are enjoying little Sunflower as well –

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