Harley’s Light Shines Brighter Than Ever

Remembering Harley, 3 years later…

“Harley’s light shines brighter than ever. He lives on in our hearts and his message continues to inspire, moving people to action in educating others and exposing the horrid truth that pet store puppies, and those being sold online by countless breeders, come from puppy mills.

“Every single day, because of Harley, people are opening their mouths to expose the dirty little secret about that cute little doggy in the window. Its secret? That its parents live in filthy, cramped cages their entire lives and never receive veterinary care, never have soft beds, never have decent food or clean water, never receive protection from heat and cold, and never walk on grass … but they do walk and sleep on cold wire cage floors until they take their last breath.

“Harley, we love you and miss you more than words can say. You’re forever in our hearts … and forever a part of us. We are all changed … because you lived.” – Mary Erickson

Please make a donation in Harley’s memory today. Help us continue to fight the horrible puppy mill industry by clicking here to donate.

Thank you so much for loving Harley and for helping us carry on his mission.


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