Harley’s Legacy – A Personal Message

Dear Friends,

There has never been any doubt that Harley was put on this earth with a very clear mission. His mere presence evoked a variety of emotions – love, curiosity, inspiration. Harley’s first 10 years suffering in a cage in a puppy mill were filled with utter sadness … however, his last 5 years were nothing but pure happiness!

One simply had to meet Harley to know that he knew … he really knew … that his life had a purpose and he was going to make the most of every moment. He loved everyone, and everyone who met him loved him in return. He was the best little ambassador anyone could have ever hoped for to share the truth about puppy mills.

It was 3 years ago today that Harley passed away – and if I let that thought come to the forefront of my mind, it almost feels like yesterday. There is always a sense of grief for me when I look at Harley’s pictures … yet I do that a lot. I’ve no other choice. His pictures must be shared to tell his story and carry on his legacy.

The very last morning I spent with Harley, I sensed that his time with us was short … although I did not expect he would be leaving us just a few hours later. As I gazed into his eye – which gazed back at me with such wisdom and love – I knew that he was tired and I made a promise to him. I promised we would continue his work. In looking back, I’m quite certain that if he could have spoken he would have said that he’d fulfilled his dream to the extent that he could … and he was now leaving the rest up to us. 

In honor of Harley, the “Little Dog with a Big Dream” we created the nonprofit organization, Harley’s Dream, late in 2016. Our mission is to carry on Harley’s legacy by helping end puppy mills. There are countless groups and organizations working hard toward this tremendous effort, and we are thrilled to say that since Harley’s passing, 216 pet store ordinances have been passed including 2 state-wide bans. We are doing our part to help make change and have impacted more than 300 million people through our education and awareness efforts. People are saying “NO, dogs deserve so much better than life in a cage!” Our efforts have been made possible because of YOUR generous donations and support.

But there is so much more work to be done, please consider making a donation in Harley’s memory. Help us continue to fight the horrible puppy mill industry. Thank you so very much.

With love and gratitude,
Rudi & Dan
Founders, Harley’s Dream


  1. Beautiful precious Harley , I so wished I could of been in your presence . but I know you are with me always. You have made a huge impact on me. I talk because it’s personal for me.
    I know you felt everything and took life with force. You were everything to your mom and dad. I’m thankful for them.

  2. I will keep fighting for your dream it will come true. HarleysDream is all over and you are making a difference to all.

  3. Harley is a real Hero he change my life around, opened my eyes to his dream

  4. Harley opened my eyes to the horrors of puppy mills and now I’m determined to do my part in helping to get them banned and fulfill his legacy. God bless my little one eyed hero, Rudi and Dan!

  5. The tiniest little fella I never met – that was Harley and yet he had a dream bigger than any human could dream. I’m so thankful for three things – that he was rescued with a little time up his sleeve and that you, Rudi and Don, were the ones who adopted him. The third thing is that through Harley, I learned for the first time about puppy mills (naive for my ancient years) so – thank you Harley, for your love, your enthusiasm, your spunk and your legacy. Long live that legacy until every dog is free and every puppy mill destroyed. I’m so sorry I cannot possibly send a donation before next Tuesday but I promise to do so in honour of Harley.

    God bless you for keeping your Promise and for keeping the Faith for Harley’s sake.

    Kindest Regards & Hugs, Dalma Bugg, Australia

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