Remembering Harley’s Last Birthday and Gotcha Day

It was eight years ago today that Harley came into our lives. We refer to March 18th as Harley’s “Gotcha Day”. As many of you know, after being rescued, we didn’t expect Harley would be with us more than just a few months because he was so unhealthy due to the neglect he suffered during the 10 years he lived in the puppy mill. So, Harley’s first Gotcha Day, in particular, was a really big deal. A book could be written about the five years that followed, but instead, we’re going to skip to Harley’s 5th and last Gotcha Day, which was also his 15th birthday … March 18, 2016.

Instead of dwelling on the sadness, we’ll tell you some of the highlights of that day. We remember it was a sunny day and Harley was able to spend a little time outside on our deck, he ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and he got to wear a birthday shirt that was made especially for him. He went to the post office to pick up his birthday mail, he loved car rides! Harley got his picture taken with our grandson who turned one-year-old that same day, that was special. It was a great day. Harley went to dinner with us, and he even begged for my food after he’d eaten his own. We then visited Starbucks for a “puppaccino” before heading home to tuck Harley into bed (with us, of course). A memorable day for sure! HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, HARLEY!!! We love you so much!

Please enjoy the photos below – all were taken on March 18, 2016.

Harley wore his special 15th birthday shirt which was made especially for him!
A car ride to the post office to pick up Harley’s birthday mail
A special birthday treat from a special friend
Harley and our grandson, Taylor, celebrate the same birthday!
Harley had already eaten his dinner, but was begging for mom’s food, too!
Harley LOVED puppaccinos!! What a great end to a wonderful day
A quiet moment with dad on Harley’s 15th birthday (5th gotcha day).
Sound asleep… Harley had a wonderful day! March 18, 2016


  1. I mis Harley so much, but then I remember how many people have become aware of puppy mills because of him!

  2. Loved these pics of Harley’s 15th birthday celebration – so glad you took so many during the time you had him. Best wishes to you and your pup family from me and my 3.

  3. 💜Sweet Harley, you dream is being carried on by many. Miss you lots🌻

  4. Happy Gotcha Day in heaven sweet Harley🐾❤️🌈🌻Your legacy lives on❤️

  5. He was a very special little man for sure. Also was blessed to have two angels come and get him and give him the best of the best. We all miss him.

  6. Such a sweet little fellow, I know your heart still aches for him. I think you were meant to have Harley in your lives, he needed you as much as you needed him. You gave him all the care and love he deserved!

  7. Each month, when I turn the page of Harley’s calendar, I give him a kiss and tell him I love him. Because of him (and his humans), we all now know about puppy mills. Thank you for all you continue to do in Harley’s name.

  8. ..what a special angel boy..
    and I remember his last Gotcha Day..
    ..I sent a card..
    I will always love precious HARLEY..
    ..and support his *dream*..

  9. Harley, you were one special little man that touched not only your Mommy and Daddy, but educated so many of us on the horrible conditions so many dogs (and other mill animals) have to go thru day after day. Your hard work brought my Kody into my life and I can’t thank you enough! We all miss you and your daily happenings, but we also know you are running free from pain and loving those around you. Miss you Harley! Jill and the pack

  10. My absolute favorite was when the guy at your post office asked, “Who’s this Harley guy, and why does he get all this mail?!!” 🤣🤣🤣 Best Harley Memory For Me!! Besides the morning of October 19, 2013, when I immediately opened up my phone when I woke up to tell Harley it was my wedding day. I needed him to know because I loved him so much. I’m so blessed to have met, snuggled, and gave him kisses on 2 separate occasions in Tucson. ❤❤❤ Happy Gotcha Day in Heaven little guy.

  11. this was such a great day – this was the first year we were going to hops & Harley and were going to me Harley

  12. Happy Birthday 🎊🎁🎈🎉🎂 Angel Harley. Your a very amazing boy. So proud of you 🎉🎊🎉

  13. I miss you so much I wished I had met you but feel like I have your my inspiration everyday. It’s because of you I found out about puppy mills. Your dream will come true.

  14. Thanks for sharing these precious memories of that special day with your little friend.

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