HOPE – the power to believe anything is possible

We named her “Hope” because hope is the power to believe anything is possible. This tiny 3lb girl is suffering right now in a Los Angles shelter and, though we have a signed agreement that she will be released to Harley’s Dream, the shelter won’t let us pick her up until Tuesday evening. She’s sick, scared, underweight, and likely blind – our concern is if she’ll even make it until Tuesday. Our hearts ache for her. Please keep Hope in your thoughts and prayers – she deserves a second chance and we want to give her that. If everything goes as planned, little Hope will soon be safe in loving arms and receiving much-needed medical care.

It’s YOUR support and donations that make it possible for us to save this precious little girl’s life. We’ll update you again once Hope is safe.


  1. Precious little angel. I pray she makes it long enough for you to get her.🙏🙏

  2. Were all praying for you Hope , cant wait to meet you . Hugs and ❤

  3. Praying for this sweet, little girl, Hope! Don’t know why she can’t be picked up before Tuesday, she needs help immediately, what is wrong with those people!! Thank you for rescuing this sweetheart!

  4. unconscionable for the (so-called) shelter to do that..
    holding precious HOPE in my heart..
    so tightly..
    with love..
    and hope..

  5. hope is a fitting name and with all of use hoping right along with her – things should go right

  6. Prayers for Hope. She is precious! Stay strong Hope! A better life filled with love is just around the corner for you.

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