Billy – It Was Meant To Be

Our Harley’s Hero and local volunteer, Brooke, just happened to be in my office the day I first learned about Billy. His time was up and he was to be euthanized in the shelter in California. I was struggling with the thought of not saving him. Brooke listened to my concerns and suggested that she and her husband might be able to help out by fostering Billy … and so that’s how it all started.

In no time at all, Billy worked his way into Brooke’s and Doug’s hearts. I was aware of the bond they had, and Brooke and I talked several times about the heartache (and reward) of letting a foster dog go; she felt she could do it, though I don’t think Doug agreed with that!

Brooke wrote the following sentiment about adopting Billy – it will explain the rest of the story:

“Billy is a very special, inspirational little guy. Dougie and I became attached rather quickly after we started fostering him. I felt good preparing him for his furever home. When I got news just recently a furever home was found, my heart sank. I couldn’t bear the thought of him not being here, but I knew having a third dog was a stretch financially. I tried to come to terms with him leaving. Dougie and I talked about what a void would be left in the absence of his presence. How he brought so much energy and liveliness to the house. The way he plays with his toys constantly, gets excited and runs and jumps but settles right down to snuggle at any given chance was something we knew we both would miss. I asked myself if the joy he brought was worth me giving up cigarettes to afford a third dog. My answer was yes. This little handicapped dog enjoys life without a care or hindrance in the world. His toddler-like antics and humor add extra smiles and laughter to our home. In my mind, there’s no better reward or motivation for becoming a non-smoker. Susie is my heart dog. Sancho is my soul dog. Billy helps things make sense, making him my ‘mind’ dog.” – Brooke

We couldn’t be happier for Brooke, Doug, Billy, and his new siblings, Sancho and Susie!

Follow Billy’s journey from rescue to forever home.


  1. I LOVE A FAILED FOSTER ❤️❤️❤️ So happy for everyone 💓🐾

  2. congratulations on the new addition to your family – billy looks like a great dog

  3. Right there in Brooke’s letter – that’s the magic of rescue and the essence of Harley’s Big Dream. Down the track at some point, Brooke will ask herself and Doug “Who rescued who?” just like so many rescue parents before them, they already have their answer.
    Thank you Brooke and Doug for giving precious Billy a loving home where he’ll be deliriously happy for the rest of his life. He looks and sounds like a real character so I’m willing to guarantee you’ll never look longlinky at a cigarette pack ever again.
    God Bless you both and your three fur babies.

  4. So happy for Billy, looks like he has found his great forever home!

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