George, First Day at Harley’s House of Dreams

After a long journey, George arrived at Harley’s House of Dreams (actually, our house) last night and he’s doing great. What an amazing little dog! He’s friendly and sweet and his fur feels like velvet! The photos below are of George exploring our yard.

We saved George from being euthanized by pulling him from a shelter in Los Angeles. He initially was fostered in California by our wonderful volunteers, America and her mom, Maria. They lovingly cared for George through a terrible illness. After 2 1/2 weeks the doctor decided he was healthy enough to travel to Colorado.

Tomorrow morning George will visit Drs. Sitzman and Lineberger at Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists and, if all goes well, he will undergo surgery on his mouth and also be neutered. He also has an eye and skin condition that will be addressed by Four Seasons’ internist, Dr. Hilling.

It’s YOUR support and donations that made it possible for us to save this little guy’s life.

PS: George arrived along with little Agnes and we’ll provide an update on her later, stay tuned!



  1. George welcome home. You are adorable you have the best Mom and Dad.

  2. I hope George will carrying Harley’s banner. Hes a handsome boy. Lucky to be with you guys.

  3. Oh George.. you are so cute !! You won the lottery and will have the best home ever. Can’t wait to hear more to come in the following months about your new life and your adventures … kisses 💓😘😘😘

    Thank you for saving this darling boy XX

  4. He is so adorable!! Thank you again for helping another sweet baby!!💕🐾🐾

  5. George is adorable, so glad he made it to his destination safe and sound. Praying for all his surgeries to go well. I’m sure George will get all the care and love he has always deserved in his forever home.

  6. Here you go again……you are amazing people!! I love following you! My heartfelt wishes to your entire team!!

  7. So adorable and that blue is just perfect on him. What a lucky little guy! <3

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