Angel Flight for George & Agnes

Pilot Eric with foster-moms America (left) and Maria (right)

We rescued George and Agnes from being euthanized in a Los Angeles shelter just over two weeks ago and, though they were receiving loving care, they both had to overcome illness to be healthy enough to make the journey to Colorado. Well, that journey has begun!

This morning, Pilots n Paws volunteer pilot, Eric, met up with our wonderful foster-moms, America and Maria, at El Monte Aiport, just east of Los Angeles … and UP THEY WENT!

We’re especially grateful to Eric for generously donating his time, skills, and airplane! And by the way, Eric’s co-pilot is his wife Agnes – that’s who we named our little Agnes after! Digit is another important part of the team – she’s an adorable little white Chihuahua who always travels with Eric and Agnes (a rescue dog, of course) .. and most importantly, she goes along on freedom flights providing moral support for the dogs they transport for Pilots n Paws. Isn’t that awesome?!!

Once they arrive in Tucson, George and Agnes will be met by another of our wonderful volunteers, Peggy, who will drive the rest of the journey to Harley’s House of Hope in Colorado. Stay tuned for more updates!

Back: Agnes (holding Digit) and Eric. Front: America (holding Agnes) and Maria (holding George)
America (holding George), Maria (holding Agnes) and Agnes (with Digit on leash)


    • God Bless each and every one of these wonderful people. I have three rescues; a Yorkie, Boston, and 3 legged Husky. Rescued animals seem to be so grateful and offer so much love.


  1. Harley brings the best of of people! Thank goodness for such wonderful people willing to do what they can to help the helpless.
    God bless you all.❤️🌻❤️

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  2. Oh, what lucky little dogs they are. God Bless all who brought them to freedom and those that will love them all their lives. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Wonderful news for these two furbabies. Thank God we have such caring people to help these little guys.


  4. You’re all like a ray of sunlight in a dark world. You light up my heart and the hearts of so many! God bless you all.


  5. This is such happy, wonderful news. The volunteers are so wonderful. George and Agnes are so lucky to have all of the volunteers helping them in different ways. Thank you, Eric, Agnes, Digit, America, Maria, Peggy, and Harley’s House of Dreams. You are the greatest!


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