What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Puppy mills. A dirty little secret. Filthy cages. Matted coats. Rotten mouths. Isolated without human contact. Years of neglect. Graphic. Stark. Sad. The horrifying stories and images haunt us. And many of the survivors – the relatively few “lucky ones” rescued from this nightmarish life of misery – spend the rest of their lives trying to overcome their fear and memories.

And then there’s the little one-eyed dog who spent 10 years in a puppy mill. Who lost his eye to a power-washer. Whose spine was crooked and whose toes were damaged from standing on wire his whole life. Who, after years of producing a profit for his breeder, was so sick he was thrown into a bucket and left to die. Who, through a variety of undeniably miraculous circumstances, was saved and adopted. Who beat the odds by receiving the veterinary care he needed and the loving touch he so desperately craved. And who went on to save so many dogs from puppy mills and to educate the world, both in person and online. And, in the process of doing so, became beloved by thousands and thousands of people worldwide.

Harley could have carried his puppy mill past like heavy baggage into his future. He should have been angry at the world for how he’d been treated. He could have harbored negativity toward people for his past treatment and neglect.

He could have – but he didn’t. Everywhere Harley went to spread awareness about puppy mills, he also spread love and hope and joy. His mere presence brought tears to the eyes of those who were fortunate to meet and hold him. He loved to be loved. He gave kisses freely and received love openly. He graciously forgave and lifted others up with the hope of a new future for puppy mill dogs everywhere. And along the way he also inspired hope in those struggling with their own challenges: “If Harley could survive all he’s been through, so can I.”

So, what’s love got to do with puppy mills? Everything. If we truly care for our canine companions, we need to care about where they came from and how their parents are living. We need to understand the impact of our decisions on dogs everywhere. We need to support canine welfare wherever we can and at every opportunity.

In Harley’s memory, we move forward to raise awareness about puppy mills, to educate the public, and to advocate for change. And we do so as this little one-eyed puppy mill survivor taught us – with compassion, forgiveness, and lots of love. That’s what Harley would do.

Learn about the #LoveLikeHarley movement … click here for details.

Support Harley’s dream to end puppy mills buy purchasing Love Like Harley merchandise.


  1. Love like Harley. Not a better inspiration than that little one-eyed guy who chose to love after all the horrible things he endured.
    I keep him in my heart❤️

  2. Oh, if only ALL human hearts could forgive others and choose love as sweet Harley chose to do. 🥰
    Harley is the personification of WHAT a damaged life can gain…when given a second chance… in a community of love and care.🤗
    Harley’s soul chose to start over, in the name of love, and spread that love wherever it was needed. ❤️
    That’s why…Harley was my Super Hero! 😊

  3. Love Like Harley if we all loved like Harley there would be no bad puppy mills anymore. 💟

  4. I despise puppy mills. My rescued from a puppy mill, SALLY, black Labrador Retriever was still being bred at 10 years of age. She was so timid and fearful. The first time I lifted a broom to sweep she flinched and then crouched down in fear. They must have cleaned her cage while she was still in it, not caring if they hit her. It took awhile for her to trust me. She knew she could and grew to love me and my other Labs so much. She was finally a happy dog.

    In Pa. there are many rescue organizations working to save local puppy mill dogs. Sally was one of those dogs. Thank you York County.

    Sally’s first night snuggling with a toy on her soft comfy bed made me cry. She was deprived for so long, although I’m sure she loved her puppies. She developed mammary tumors from all the years of breeding. I loved her so. Wish I knew how to post her picture on here so you could see her. Sally is watching & waiting from Rainbow Bridge with all my other beloveds which I miss dearly. I will love them all forever.

    I will fight puppy mills to my last breath for Sally, Harley and all the rest that have come & gone, those suffering now 👊🏻. Hopefully this horror will end in my lifetime. 💔

  5. Ps.. I just shared on my Rescue, Twitter etc pages. Please do the same so more can #LoveLikeHarley ❤️🐾 thank you.

  6. So sorry about Sally. Love is what saves a lot of pups from puppy mills!

  7. Thank you LaLinda & Sharon… ‘Love like Harley’. After learning all about Harley my conviction to end puppy mills became even stronger. They say dogs live in the moment. I believe that. Our Hero, Harley, rose from the ashes and had the best life ever, never thinking of his horrible past, just like my Sally. I pray this happens for All the others imprisoned now, and that puppy mills will be put out of business in the near future to end all the abuse and suffering. Harley is at 🌈 and he is smiling and watching… with both eyes 🐾❤️

    • You are so right about Harley. He will never suffer again and neither will your Sally. I pray that Puppy Mills will soon be a distant memory.

  8. Love has everything to do with it… making Harleys Dream a reality that is reaching all across our country….so very proud to support this little dogs big dream …Love U Harley💜💖💜💖💜

  9. Here in Ohio the Amish are notorious for their abuse of dogs in puppy mills. They abuse their women, their horses and the dogs in their puppy mills.

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