Billboard Advertising – Statistics

One of Harley’s Dream initiatives is to educate the public about puppy mills, and we have used billboard advertising across the country to help educate & raise awareness. In 2018 we put up 99 billboards reaching more than 133 million people. Was this effective?

According to a recent American Driving Survey, the average person spends 20 hours each week in the car traveling over 200 miles. But even though Americans spend so much time on the roads (perhaps unconsciously viewing billboard advertisements) is billboard advertising a truly effective strategy?

The most recent study about billboard advertising is called the Arbitron National In-Car Study. According to this study, billboard advertising was found to be quite effective on drivers. Here are a few a few statistics the study reported:

  • 71% of Americans consciously look at billboard messages while driving
  • 37% report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one
  • 58% learned about an event or restaurant they later attended
  • 56% of Americans mentioned a billboard they found interesting or funny in conversation
  • 26% noted a phone number written on a billboard and 28% noted a website address written on a billboard

Interesting statistics!

We continue to work at placing billboards strategically and in targeted locations where they will help educate and make a difference based on regional/state-wide issues.

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Tina, standing below the billboard which she raised the funds to produce


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