We’ll love you forever, Frankie

Who would have ever thought that such a cranky little dog would leave our hearts feeling so empty? Our beautiful Frankie has left us. We weren’t ready – I guess we never are – but he told us he was. He slipped away peacefully, wrapped in our arms with Rudi’s cheek against his little face, knowing he was loved beyond measure … and letting us know he loved us, too. But for now, we are terribly sad, our hearts ache.

We realize that so many of you were a part of our dear little boy’s journey, and you loved him, too. You made it possible for us to save him. We truly believe he felt your love and that it gave him hope and new life. We are forever grateful.

Frankie’s timeline: www.harleysdream.org/frankie


  1. So truly sorry for your lost. He knew he was loved and that’s the best part. Rainbow bridge received another beautiful heart. Rip Frankie.

  2. So truly sorry for yet another loss for you. I loved little Frankie and will miss him, he knows he was loved by wonderful parents. RIP Frankie

  3. Oh Frankie. You were such a sweet boy, and you will be missed by so many. I was hoping to meet you at Hops & Harley this June, but I guess that wasn’t meant to be. Rest in Peace sweet boy. Dan and Rudi, thank you so much for loving Frankie and showing him what a truly loving home was all about.

  4. I cry for Frankie’s parting, but he knew when it was time to go. Thanks for all you did for him and my heart goes out to both of you in your time of loss.

  5. So sad for your loss, and so grateful that he had you to love him so very dearly and tenderly. I know he’s with Harley and they’re talking about how lucky they were! Romping around like puppies and will be waiting for you to come see them over that Rainbow Bridge.

  6. My heart is broken to hear of Frankie’s passing, he was such a sweet little fellow. God Bless you for taking such great care of Frankie, giving him the best care and love that he always deserved! Thank you for all the work you do caring for all those sweet little angels.

  7. Rest In Peace Frankie….I will miss your little cranky Frankie attitude. Go run with Harley and Fernando.❤️😢🐶

  8. I am so so sorry for your loss. You are very special people. You are angels and all of these beautiful dogs know it. TY for loving them like you do and giving them a chance.

  9. I am sorry to hear. Dan and Rudi my heart goes out to you both just know he is now with Harley and Fernando and all our beloved little doggies. May you both find peace. Frankie you will be missed but forever in all our hearts. Run free sweet little boy x

  10. I loved following Frankies antics. Thank you for saving him showing him love. RIP Cranky Frankie.

  11. We are so very saddened and heart broken for your loss. Little Frankie had the best life after you rescued him. We have always enjoyed reading his stores and seeing his progress this past year. We love him and we will miss him.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

    Mark and Glenda (and Peanut too)

  12. I’m so very very sorry. Thank you for rescuing him and giving him what he never had before, love. Thank you for sharing him with us. Praying for you guys.


  13. I’m so very sorry for the loss of Frankie. You gave him a truly loving home. Every dog deserves that. Frankie knew he was loved. He will be missed by many ppl. Thank you Rudi & Dan for Rescuing him & caring for him. My heart is broken. 💔😭 Bless the Taylor Family.

  14. I am so, so sorry for your loss. :< Frankie had the best 14 months of his life with you!!!! You guys are such gems for EVERYONE!!!! Thank you for all you do to help all animals! Love to you in this time of healing. LOVE TO YOU!!!!

  15. So sorry to hear about Frankie’s passing, Cranky will be missed by all of us. He knew how much you loved him, now he is with Harley & Fernando playing & having fun, no longer in any pain, waiting for us to come home to all of them. Much love to you Rudi & Dan, my heart is with you both. Love Roxanne Wright 🐕💔🐶💕🙏😢…..

  16. It must have just happened. My husband told me this am that he was in poor shape but didn’t pass. I can still see his crocked body walking fast in his video. Thanks you so much for your love and care of Frankie.

  17. My heart aches for you. Frankie knew gentle hands and voices, warmth, comfort, security, and an abundance of love. He even became confident enough to make demands and sass. hugs

  18. Good bye Frankie you will be missed so much. We will remember always 💙💔

  19. So so heartbroken for you both…. There are no words that can take the pain away. Thank You – Thank You so much for being an Angel to this sweet baby and showing him nothing but love…… Coco & I will miss seeing all the pictures of his silly little antics. – Sending you Love from California

  20. Frankie had the best year of his life, because of you, Dan and Rudi! I loved the video of him and watched it with tears in my eyes! He can now run with Harley and be pain free!!💔🐾🐾🐾

  21. I am so sad for you all, wish Frankie had more time of the good life, but thankful he was loved so deeply in the end. RIP Frankie 🥺💕

  22. Tears for all of us who loved and followed Frankie’s journey, but happy tears, too, knowing that he is free and will be announced by our angel Lumas tomorrow on his blog on our group. Thank you for giving this little guy a great life he would not have had without your interference and help. You are able to run and play now, Frankie, with all your brothers and sisters who went before you.

  23. My heart is broken for you both on the loss of sweet Frankie. He knew he was very loved and that’s all we can ask for when we are given the gift of the love of a dog. ❤️

  24. I am so sorry for the loss of Frankie. He was quite the little man and so loved. Take care and know he is on a star with Harley and they are watching out for you!

  25. I’m so sorry for your loss 💔I feel crushed as well. There was just something about Cranky Frankie long legs.
    Rest In Peace little man🌈🐾I’ll never forget you😰❤️

  26. So sorry for your loss. RIP, Frankie. You found love before you crossed the bridge.

  27. Adorable Frankie!
    I loved following your story! Dan & Rudi’s love made up for all your years of neglect.
    I feel sad…can’t imagine the heartbreak that Dan & Rudi must feel!
    Thank you for sharing 💖💖💖

  28. Our hearts are broken after reading that sweet Frankie has passed. We are sure gonna miss this sweet boy💜. Thank you for sharing his pics and sweet photos. He is now pain free and looking down on all of us at Harley’s side. Sending much love to your family.🐶💜

  29. Run free, Little Frankie. Please say hi to my Gunner who left me on the 12th. He loves little dogs, so you’ll have fun! Thank you, Dan and Rudi for giving Frankie such a loving home!

  30. I am heartbroken. I loved sweet little Frankie. He had a loving family even if only for a short time. All of us who loved him know he is in a place now where he is perfectly healthy and running and playing with so many of his friends who were waiting for him in the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless You for caring and loving little Frankie. RIP Little Frankie, I will miss seeing pictures of you in your cute little sweaters. 💔🐾🐾😢

  31. I am heartbroken for you Dan & Rudi. I know how painful it is even though you knew the end was near. He knew how much you loved him. He will always be missed. He is running and playing with Harley and Fernando and all the rest now and watching over you from above. They will see to it that you will have another in time to save like you did with them. RIP Frankie

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