Angel Flight for Henry

America holding Henry with pilot, Wayne

Saying goodbye to Henry was heartbreaking for his wonderful foster-mom, America, but she instantly knew he would be in good hands once she met Pilots N Paws volunteer pilot, Wayne, at the Pomona, CA airport yesterday morning. America told us that Wayne and his co-pilot Bill were “such kind gentlemen, they love dogs, and they were so happy to meet Henry.” We’re especially grateful to Wayne for generously donating his time, skills (and airplane!) to transport Henry. Once they arrived in Yuma, Arizona, Henry was met by his overnight-foster parents, Carolyn and Brian … of course, they already love him to pieces! The pictures below tell the story.

Today Henry will fly to Tucson with Pilots N Paws volunteer Eric and his wife Agnes. Stay tuned…

America holding Henry with co-pilot, Bill
America and Henry
America holding Henry with co-pilot, Bill
Wayne, America, Bill and Henry
Flight map
View from the air
Henry with his overnight foster-parents, Carolyn and Brian



  1. Glad there are so many wonderful people to help Henry make his journey to Colorado . What a sweettie he is

  2. I am so happy for that little man. TY for taking care of him and giving him a chance at a new life with wonderful people.


  3. My goodness Rudi you have the most wonderful people in your life. I think America is an angel to say the least. Now Henry is with his overnight foster parents. Next he will be in your and Dan’s loving home.

  4. that is a very interesting story about how all this comes together – thank you to all the volunteers

  5. Godspeed, 🐕 Henry, as you 🛫 journey to your new 💫 life! You’ve got a lot of people (including myself 👩‍🌾 and my 🐶 Jack) sending tons of ❤️❤️ love and our prayers 🙏 along with you and all those helping you every step and mile of the way! ❤️🐕❤️🐕❤️🐕❤️

  6. Yea for Henry! Looking coward to hearing about the rest of his journey! Will he get a permanent home?

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