Dear Sweet Frankie Long-Legs

It was 14 months ago that we rescued Frankie from a shelter in South Carolina, and he became our first official Harley’s House of Dreams rescue. He was old and frail and very sick, and neither we nor his doctors honestly expected him to heal enough to live a happy and comfortable life for as long as he has. But we did all we could for him and he surprised all of us with his tenacity … and his response to being loved. And as each day passed, we grew to love him more, and he us.

But as we all know, love and the best possible care can only do so much, and the damage done over the years from prior neglect takes its toll, as does age. Frankie has been declining both physically and mentally over the past month; sadly, we know he will soon let us know that he’s ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We wanted to tell you this now so it won’t come as a shock when the time comes, and so you can send him all your love in the meantime. We know he will feel this love, as he has for the last 14 months. We know your love has helped sustain him, too.

Mr. Cranky Frankie Long-Legs is a very dear and funny little dog. It’s hard to imagine life without him in our home. Each day is a gift, and for now we’re taking things one day at a time and showering him with love … and all of his favorite things.

PS: These pictures of our sweet Frankie were taken just this morning. You can see that he’s getting tired. And by the way, that is baby food on his face.

Read about Frankie from the moment he was rescued to the day he became a Taylor.


  1. Dear Frankie long legs
    No one wants to see you go because we love you so much. But you have just been through so much in your lifetime and thank God the last 14 months have been so much better for you and you got to feel love and know what it is like to be loved by everyone. When the time finally comes for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge please do it with a smile on your face and know how much you will be missed amen

  2. So very sorry to hear this news. Because of you he has had 14 months knowing love and kindness. Sending prayers.

  3. My heart is breaking. I have loved this little dog from the very first time I saw his picture. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done and continue to do for Frankie to make him happy. You are truly amazing people.

  4. you will be deeply missed Frankie – we have enjoyed sharing your exploits and watching you flourish

  5. Sending so much love to you and the whole Taylor pack, dear little Cranky Frankie!!! I feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and watch your amazing transformation into a loved, spoiled little old man! No matter when your time to cross the Rainbow Bridge comes, you will have loved and been loved right up until the end, and that’s all that matters. Holding you in my heart, little one.

    so much love..
    sweet little Frankie..
    ..your wings will be so beautiful..

  7. Dan and Rudi,
    We are so very saddened to hear of Frankie’s declining health. We know that you have taken such great care of him and he knows it as well. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you. God bless you.

    Mark & Glenda Dekker

    • I know Frankie has had all of the love he could have in your care❤️❤️

  8. Dear beautiful Frankie,
    I hope you have sweet dreams tonight in your loving home and that you’ll awaken tomorrow feeling loved and treasured.

  9. I love your sweet cranky Franky I’m sorry to hear that he won’t be with us much longer but thank you all for taking him in and let him know how much he can be loved you all were great parents as you were to Hartley and Miss pickles and all the rest of the crew he’s such a precious little fella always enjoyed seeing pictures of him I’m so sorry

  10. Oh dear little Frankie❤️❤️ You are a gift to all of us and I know you have had the best 14 months of your
    life. Sending you so much love❤️😞😘🙏.
    Love to Rudi and Dan too. This is never an easy thing to take in these needy little ones. Thank you for all your love and care.

  11. Oh…Rudi and Dan..I don’t know how you bear the sadness, but I’m happy that you do, because you save so many little dogs’ lives..even if it’s just for a moment or a few months or whatever…Thank you for saving Frankie..I’m crying…

  12. Frankie I’ll miss you but I know where your going you’ll be in no more pain and plus you’ll get to meet Harley and Fernando and the rest of your furry friends God Bless you and your humans for taking good care of you.Love you

  13. Oh, Frankie.I’m so glad you are still with us for now. I know Harley and Fernando and Riley are watching out for you. We love you so much. It will be hard, but we know that when it’s your time you have many great friends to greet you, including our angels. Love, Lalita.

  14. Sleep well, Cranky, Frankie Long Legs–you deserve a long, healthy peaceful afterlife & you will have it once you cross the Rainbow Bridge. Love to all who will miss you so much.

  15. Frankie you always make us smile with you cranky moods . Love you ❤

  16. Sad to hear about Frankie’s last days…I’m so glad you have been there for him..I miss seeing all your sweet doggie friends…hugs to you and sweet Frankie..!!

  17. I love you little Frankie . I’m so sorry you had such a terrible, terrible life. I hate puppy mills with every fiber of my being. I am so, so sorry baby.

  18. I’m sad reading this, but I am also happy that he has had 14 months of knowing love, thanks to you, Dan and Rudi!!❤️🐾🐾

  19. Sending lots and lots of Love from me and Coco out here in California. Thank you so much Rudi & Dan for all that you do to help these sweet babies.

  20. Love you, sweet Frankie. You are a well-loved little pup – and always will be.

  21. Love and hugs to you Frankie Longlegs.

  22. Such a tired lil guy! I just love him and sooooo happy you gave him a home to find comfort, peace and LOVE!! Bless you all! I want to hug, kiss, and squeeze him! 🙆💖🙅💖💖💖💖💖🙏

  23. Oh sweet Mr cranky long legs we will miss you. You have the best ever family and so many that love you sending you love and healing energy for a peaceful transition over the Rainbow Bridge. I have a large pack there to welcome you.

  24. Can I purchase the most recent picture? He looks adorable in his yellow sweater❤️❤️

  25. Sweet Frankie I love very much and surround you with all the love, hugs and kisses to make you a happy camper. Wish you many happy times with your forever family. God bless your family for sharing you with us and for taking very good care of you.

  26. He has been so special from the start all these precious fur babies touch my heart and I live them all we live you very much Frankie Long Legs and pray for you

  27. Bless you sweet boy. I love you baby as I also loved little Harley I love all animals and I have two little babies of my own that are climbing that old age ladder and I cry every day just thinking about that day but I have gave them love and they are rescues. My heart breaks for the little puppies that don’t have anyone and that are mistreated How could anyone be mean to a little puppy God bless and keep you in his arms little boy and peace be unto you. I love you little Frankie long legs very much

  28. Oh Frankie Long Legs I love you so much!! My heart is breaking!! I know you are getting tired!! I’m glad you had Rudi & Dan to love & take care of you. Every dog should have a loving home. Just know you are loved Frankie and couldn’t be in a better home!! Bless you All. ❤️❤️❤️😥💔

  29. My heart is breaking for you Frankie… I wish we could meet so I could give you kisses and hugs! So grateful for your parents for taking such good care of you! You are so loved Frankie! We will never forget you!
    The tears just keep pouring…..

  30. I’m so very sorry to hear this. I’m so happy he has you guys to love him. He knows how much you love and care for you. Sending sweet precious Frankie lots of love, hugs and prayers. ❤️😘🙏

    • I hurt hearing this. I always judge if life is worth living in a dog by his appetite. When he or she stops eating completely then I know its time. Comforting to hear he is still eating even if its baby food. I will keep him in my prayers. He is so cute. I wish I had him.

  31. Precious Frankie,
    When you see Bonnie, Travis, TJ and Trey on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, give them a big kiss from Mammas and run free with the boys!

  32. Frankie, I love you, we all love you, and I’m glad you’ve had these past 14 months to know what love and kindness truly feels like. God will be waiting with open arms at the Rainbow Bridge when you are ready to cross over. And then you will run healthy and free, and Harley and Fernando will show you around and introduce you to many new friends. Rudi and Dan, God bless you both, and thanks for all you do.

  33. Sending many blessings to this very sweet boy Frankie 🐶💜🐶. Shelters across our country are full of wonderful souls waiting for a forever home. We have had the priviledge of adopting and loving many rescue dogs.

  34. I’ve loved Sweet Frankie Long-Legs eversince I saw his first picture and learned of his sad story. Sending prayers and much love to you and your sweet little Frankie!

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