Making a Difference through Hope and Change

Harley’s Dream is the story of one tiny little senior dog who inspired a movement. A one-eyed puppy mill survivor who left us all too soon, but who inspired others to strive for hope and change for our canine companions.

As year-end approaches and you finalize your 2018 charitable donations, please consider including Harley’s Dream in your plans. Your support helps us raise awareness of the puppy mill industry and the pet store connection, spreading Harley’s Dream to end puppy mills across the country. With your support, we have reached more then 100 MILLION PEOPLE ( through social media, billboards, products that attract attention & generate conversations, flyers, children’s activity kits, legislative action alerts, and so much more … and we’ve only just started!

In 2019 we can educate so many more, help effect change, and impact the lives of dogs currently suffering in puppy mills! Please consider making a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation to help make Harley’s dream come true.

We thank you so very much for loving Harley and caring about his dream. He continues to inspire us every day, but it’s YOUR support that is making a difference for the hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs suffering in puppy mills today.

Most sincerely,
Dan and Rudi
Founders, Harley’s Dream


  1. Let’s get pet stores that sell puppy mill puppys shut down in 2019. We need to educated everyone on what a puppy mill is ,get out and do your part anyway you can.

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