A Christmas Sweater Story

“It belonged to a hero. It was a tender reminder of his courage and unconditional love. I was lucky enough to win it in an auction. As it sat in a drawer waiting for that special time of year when it would come out and remind us to be kind and loving to all creatures big and small, it’s bigger purpose was yet to come. As I’ve always said we must find our own ways to help and support what we believe in. The idea of letting someone else enjoy it and perhaps helping some rescue doggies came very naturally. Let’s auction it and raise some money to help the cause.

“That’s where the magic began. Loving people opened their hearts and wallets and bid like crazy on the little red Christmas sweater. So many willing to help so quickly was overwhelming. The lucky winner told me during the bidding that he was on a mission. That he had plans for the sweater.

“So here is where the tears of joy start to fall. After he won, I tried to contact him so I could send him his prize. After failing to get a hold of him, the original owner of the sweater texted me to say he had gifted the sweater back to her. Deep breath. The pure heartwarming joy I felt is indescribable. The old adage of “one good turn” was never more evident. From one loving act came an avalanche of kindness.

“So, in the end, I got a full heart, new rescues got some support, a man showed what a ‘mench’ is, and Harley’s mom got his sweater back for Christmas. Now is the time for our group cry. Love to all of Harley’s Heroes this holiday season. Signed, a lucky man.”

Thank you, David, for this beautiful, beautiful story. And thank you, Ronnie, for your kindness, generosity and profoundly touching gift. -Rudi 💗


  1. I am reading this wonderful story on Christmas morning. The tears are indeed flowing . Harley was a miracle of love and he continues to live on with his legacy of ending puppy mills. Merry Christmas !!!

  2. Definitely crying with this beautiful poignant story. Everything comes full circle, so they say, and I think lovely little sweater has done just that. Bless both of you gentlemen – David and Ronnie, for keeping the bigger picture in your minds and keeping Harley’s family abs memory in your hearts.

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