T’was the week before Christmas

T’was the week before Christmas when all through the land,
people were learning of the puppy millers’ scam.

Puppies with black button noses and cute little bows.
Some jumping and playing, some sad in a doze.

In pet shop windows where all the children look.
One little plea from the children was all it took.

Not a trace of the puppies’ parents anywhere around.
All types of puppies – poodle, terrier, and hound.

Puppies often scared and sick to be sold to buyers unaware.
Puppies with high prices with no concern for the parent’s welfare.

Some were saying “Oh no, that can’t be. Way too cute, too sweet”.
Many not realizing the pet store’s deceit.

Then a small voice from above said “Yes, yes, it’s true,
dogs are suffering in mills and need rescue.

Living in their cages without hope, without love.
Never feeling the grass or seeing the sun up above.

Many dogs are in shelters – adopt, don’t shop.
Stay out of pet stores – don’t even stop.

Harley wishes all a Merry Christmas and to all a good night.
There are many who will carry on the puppy mill fight.

Anonymous (a friend of Harley’s)


  1. Beautiful…..hope you post this on Facebook! A most Merry Christmas to all at Harley’s Dream….and a fervent wish that there were no puppy mills, anywhere. I’m sure you know the USDA considers dogs to be livestock…..how and why I cannot imagine. If we could get them to change this to Companion Animals, we would have more ammunition to shut them down. God’s love and peace to you all. ❤


  2. That would be such a great Christmas present for all those puppies, love it! Merry Christmas to everyone!


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