Otis found his Forever Home

Otis is now happily living in his forever home and just the thought of it brings a tear and a smile. There absolutely could not be a better home for this sweet boy who stole our hearts. His life is perfect! The following was written by Nina, Otis’s wonderful mom:

“I have been without a dog for four months. This may not seem like a long time, however, for someone who has always had a dog by her side, it felt like a lifetime. I am sure there are many different things which are important for people to make a home feel like home. What makes a true home for me is the love of a dog.

“There were changes occurring in my life which made me hold off on adopting another dog until recently. When I first saw a photo of Otis my heart melted and I felt an instant connection to him. When I read applications to adopt Otis were being accepted my heart skipped several beats. When I learned my application had been approved I could not stop smiling from the sheer joy and anticipation. I counted the days and then hours until we would meet.

“As I held Otis for the first time my heart became fully alive again feeling his little body next to mine. Looking into his eyes I saw love, kindness, courage and hope among many others. Our first night together he snuggled right up next to me under the covers. I could feel his heart beating and soon our breathing was in sync. I slept soundly for the first time in months.

“Otis and I are beginning a new journey together. He has opened my heart to love again and once more I am truly at home. I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped rescue Otis. I cannot bear the thought of this world without this sweet gentle soul. He is one in a million and I hit the jackpot when he became a part of my life and now we are forever family.”

-Nina, Otis’s Forever Mom 

So, as you can see … it was a match made in Heaven. We truly believe that. Giving up a foster-dog is never easy and some are more difficult to let go of than others. For both Dan and me, Otis was the most difficult of all, but Nina made it “okay”. We knew in our hearts they were meant to be together.

Follow Otis’s journey from the moment we saved him from the shelter until he found his forever mom – at this link.


  1. Good luck Nina & Otis, forever love….Love Roxanne 🐶💕🐕😘….

  2. <3 Thank You and God Bless You Nina for Loving Sweet Otis. Love You Otis. Enjoy your Wonderful Life Sweet Fella. You will be Loved from now on. <3

  3. Hearts are pounding in unison.

  4. Awww what a wonderful words!!! I know Otis is in a great hands full of love ❤️ I am happy I help Otis be happy 😊

  5. Thank you all for your support. Thank you Rudi and Dan for entrusting me to love and be the best “person” for Otis. He is the most wonderful dog. He is a wise soul. Thank you all who helped rescue Otis. We will have a great life together. I’m blessed this little man is snuggled into my heart.💕🐕🌻🐾

  6. Congratulations Nina and Otis – I hope you enjoy a great life together

  7. That brought a tear to my eyes and put a smile on my face. Otis and Nina now have one another. Thank you for sharing. Sent using myEarthLink

  8. Thank you Nina for loving Otis and giving this little sweetheart a wonderful life ❤❤

  9. …joy…
    …go with forever love..
    precious OTIS
    ..dog bless you and your new loving human Nina
    for always..

  10. I happy Otis & Nina found each other!! Have a great life together!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Thrilled for both of you. Wishing you lots of love, laughter and joy.

  12. Wonderful news to see first thing in the morning! Congratulations and much love to Nina and Otis….a perfect pair…So happy they found each other! <3 <3

  13. What a sweet story! it melted my heart. YAY Otis! congrats on finding your furever home.

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