Sammy & Billy – A Day in the Park with Anne

Rescuing dogs from out of state often requires a lot of orchestration, and that has definitely been the case with the 3 little ones we are currently working on bringing from California to Colorado.

When we first pulled Sammy – and then Billy – from the shelter, we were contacted by a wonderful supporter (and fan of Harley’s) named Anne, offering her help in any way we could use it.

To make a long story short, Anne picked up Sammy and Billy early this morning from their temporary foster-mom’s home. She and these adorable seniors have been spending the day together, hanging out in the park and enjoying each other’s company, and soon she will be driving them to a small airport in San Jose. There she will connect with Paul, a private pilot (another hero of ours) who will fly the boys down to Los Angeles.

When I saw the dogs were less than 45 minutes away from my home I immediately emailed Harley’s Dream to see if I could help somehow. It’s been so fun and they are both very sweet boys. One is sleeping on my lap and one is curled up on my parka right now. I tell them they are brave and that they don’t have to worry. Even spending just a few hours together I feel we have bonded. I hope and pray that their medical issues can be healed and they end up together. This whole experience was wonderful. Meeting Darci and texting/talking with Rudi. And talking to the boys. Love them both!” – Anne

It takes a village – sometimes a rather large one – to save lives, and we are grateful to Anne for her help today! There are more heroes to acknowledge in the journey of these precious souls, so stay tuned … there’s more to come!

It’s YOUR donations that made it possible for us to save these precious dogs … THANK YOU!!!

Enjoy the photos below!


  1. God bless you people!! This made a very bad day so much better. Thank you all❤️❤️😊🙏

  2. How wonderful to know another two precious doggies have been rescued and are looking forward to their furever home. Thoughts and Prayers for them both to be able to heal completely and enjoy a wonderful life together with their furever family.

  3. My heart is so relived they www not separated , prayers that someone will want them both.

  4. God Bless you Anne for helping Sammy and Billy! I am praying for them to have a happy life and somehow, they MUST stay together!! It is obvious that they are bonded.

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