Darci, a Hero for Shelter Dogs

The first leg of their journey is underway! By Sunday evening Billy and Sammy (along with Sunflower, whom we rescued on Nov 28) will be in Colorado … but that was only made possible because of some very special “Harley’s Heroes” on the ground who sprang into action when we sent out a plea for help!

This picture was taken this morning of our first Hero, Darci. She’s holding Billy and Sammy just before she handed them over to our next Hero, Anne (more about Anne later).

Darci is AMAZING! Acting as a representative of Harley’s Dream, she pulled both dogs from the shelter, saving them from being euthanized. She cared for them over the past few days and taught them that “everything will be okay.” Without Darci’s help, Sammy and Billy – who, we discovered, came from the same home when their owner became ill – might not have had a second chance. We are forever grateful! Darci is not only our Hero, she is an Angel.

All 3 of the dogs we rescued were considered “unadoptable” by the shelter because of serious medical conditions, so they were scheduled to be euthanized. Stay tuned for more updates as Sunflower, Sammy and Billy make their way to Colorado.

It’s YOUR donations that made it possible for us (to even begin thinking) of saving these precious dogs … THANK YOU!!!


Darci saying goodbye to Sammy and Billy


  1. Wish we lived closer to adopt. We live in Delaware. We hate dog breeders. I am always speaking out. Don’t know how to get rid of back yard breeders. Wish there was a law in our state.

  2. Thank you Darci for getting Sammy and Billy and saving them from a death sentence. You are a true hero. Praying for Sammy, Billy, and Sunflower to have some years of happiness.

  3. God Bless Darci and prayers of total love and kindness To Sammy an Billy! <3 <3 <3

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