Sammy gets a Second Chance

Early this morning we learned of a scared little Chihuahua in a San Jose, CA shelter that was scheduled for euthanasia. We spent the day working hard to convince the shelter to release “Sammy” to Harley’s Dream.

And well … it’s going to happen yet TONIGHT!!! Sammy is 12 years old and will need dental and neuter surgery (he’s cryptorchid) plus hernia surgery. He’ll also need to see the eye specialist immediately. His vision is limited and he has an ulcer on one eye and he appears to have dry eye issues in both eyes. We are also worried about glaucoma, and we ask for your prayers and good thoughts that that is not the case.

It’s YOUR donations that make it possible for us to save dogs like Sammy.  Thank you so very much!

“Saving one dog will not save the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”


  1. Hello! I am close to San Jose! This is great news, thank you for sharing and for doing this. Does the team need any help on the ground? I am currently unemployed so don’t have extra for donating but I do have the gift of time and would love to help. Thanks, Anne Taddey

  2. I can always get dogs in San Jose since that’s where I work. I just adopted a Sr dog from there.

  3. Donated for Sammy. Wish it could be more but I send my love and prayers for Sammy. Thank you for saving him!

  4. Who ever saved the little Chihuahua Thank you so much 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. Thank you for saving this sweet baby. He reminds me a little of my Coco.

  6. Prayers and love for dear Sammy😍

  7. God Bless Sammy and those that saved him….he is adorable. <3 <3 <3

  8. Glad Sammy will be joing the family too were sending prays and love your way .💜

  9. …my heart sings…
    …what a treasure little SAMMY is…
    may he know only gentle forever love for the rest of his days
    ..and dog bless all involved in saving this sweet beating heart..

  10. What a sweetheart! He sort of resembles Frankie Long Legs! So glad to see that he got his forever home!

  11. Oh Sammy what a sweetheart. Thank you for rescuing him.

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