Woo Hoo!! 65 “Puppies aren’t Presents” Billboards

WOO HOO!! In the next couple days, 65 “Puppies aren’t Presents” billboards will go live across the country!!!! 65 billboards in 18 states with a traffic count of over 20 MILLION! Our original goal was to raise funds to put up 25 billboards, but thanks to YOUR generous donations (plus pro-bono boards donated by a few awesome billboard companies) … our impact will be greater than ever!

Besides the list below, billboards will also be going up in Chicago, IL – Phoenix, AZ – Dallas, TX – Miami, FL – Sacramento, CA – Tampa, FL – Hartford, CT – Orlando, FL – Houston, TX and several locations in New Jersey.

• Colorado, Denver – E/L I-25 130 ft S/O E 53rd Ave F/N3179
• Colorado, Greeley – 8th AVE N/O 27th St
• Colorado, Greeley – HWY 34 1 MI W/O HWY 85
• Colorado, Larkspur – I25 No of Exit 172
• Florida, Orlando – SR 414 (Maitland Blvd) E/O US 441
• Georgia, Atlanta – W/S Market Pl Blvd .1 mile S/O Bald Ridge Rd
• Illinois, Cook County – NORTH SEC @ ELSTON
• Indiana, Boone County – I-65, 1.5 MI N/O SR 334 W/S
• Massachusetts, Boston – Rt. 24, E/S,N/O Rt.27 @ 405 Westgate @ Brockton
• Missouri, Jackson County – S/S I-670 .1M W/O I-35 FW
• Missouri, St. Louis – NORTH SIDE OF HWY 40/61 1.25 MILES WEST OF HWY K
• Nevada, Las Vegas – I-515/95 SL E/O I-15 WF @ Downtown Merge
• New York, NYC – 42ND ST BTW 7TH & 8TH AVE
• New York, Syracuse – I-690 & 1225 State Fair Blvd F/W103W
• Ohio, Cleveland – Lee Rd WS 10ft S/O McCracken Rd F/N-2
• Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – PLATT BRIDGE/ SR-291 @ LANIER
• Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh – RACE TRACK RD E/O I-79
• Tennessee, Nashville – WEST END AVE S/S .2 MILE W/O BROADWAY F/W
• Texas, Houston – 59 N & Rankin E/S F/S
• Texas, Tyler – Cypress St. W/O Hwy 80 (Louisville Bridge) W/E S/L
• Texas, Tyler – HWY 165 .1 mi S/O Forsythe Extension E/L S/F F/S
• Texas, Tyler – I-20 .2 mi E/O HWY 165 N/L E/F F/E
• Texas, Tyler – S/L I-20 1 mi E/O US 79/Mooringsport Rd W/F F/W
• Texas, Tyler – Thomas Rd. .1 mi S/O McMillan W/L F/S F/S
• Virginia, Richmond – US RT1 .5 MI N/O HILLARD RD@7204 BRK

Note: Some locations listed above refer to the market (or main city) which is nearest the billboard location.


  1. So glad to see one in Ohio. We have to eliminate the puppy mills here in this state!!!! Linda

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then I want to go where they went.” ~~ Will Rogers ~~

  2. WOW! That’s wonderful! I continue to hope for the day there are no more puppy mills!

  3. I’m glad to see some in PA,, the home of the Amish…..I have a dog that is from one of their puppy mills….Hate them and all that do this. AND until the USDA classifies dogs as companion animals instead of livestock this will continue. Thank you for all you do…. <3

  4. When someone adopts a dog they need to be ready to love and care them as you would a child. They depend on their owners for love and protection, not to just be thrown away! I certainly hope, during this holiday, people read those billboards and realize what all it takes to own and love an animal!

  5. I wish one of these billboards were in Iowa, we are the third worst state for puppy mills, something needs to be done to shut them all down. No animal deserves to be treated that horribly!

  6. Wow so many I will have a friend of mine take a picture of the one near her house in Larkspur Colo.

  7. I would love to see this billboard in North and South Carolina.

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