A Forever Home for Mr. Otis

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Mr. Otis will soon be going to his forever home!! He’s doing amazingly well since his dental and neuter surgery, his eye is healing nicely, and he’s gained nearly 1-1/2 lbs. since we rescued him from the shelter. He’s such a wonderful little dog and we love him so, so much.

It was YOUR donations that saved Otis. It brings tears to think that he might have been euthanized in the shelter had it not been for your support of Harley’s House of Dreams. We are forever grateful – more than words can describe.

You’re probably wondering who Otis’s new mom is? Well, her name is Nina and she’s been in love with Otis from the moment she first saw his picture. We know without a doubt that Nina is absolutely perfect for Otis, and Otis will be the happiest dog in the world in his new home.

Letting Otis go will not be easy. Actually, it will be quite difficult, but we know in our hearts that it’s the right thing to do for Otis. By the way, Dan’s middle name is Otis, which is where his name came from.

See Otis’s timeline here.


  1. Otis is so cute and a sweet boy..happy to hear he has a forever home..!!

  2. Yeah for Nina & Otis, thank you for saving him. P.S. my grandson is Otis & when I read him the story of Otis, he said “I don’t have to go to the dentist do I??”

  3. What wonderful news. Congratulations, Otis and Nina. It makes me happy to know that Otis will be loved. Thank you, Dan and Rudi for giving Otis his second chance.

  4. Whoohoo, so Happy for you Otis, and for your furever Mum as she will have one awesome little guy to love furever, and that will be amazing for both of you as I just know you’re going to be crazy about Mum too. Have a wonderful life together.

  5. wonderful that otis has found his forever family and is doing so well

  6. So thankful HD rescued him and he has a re chance at being a valued family member. Excited to follow his adventures.

  7. Wonderful news…..God Bless Otis and his new parents…..<3 <3 <3

  8. Oh happy day 😄. I’m so happy for Otis & mommy Nina. I wish them many Love filled years together. Otis, you are adorable 🐾♥️♥️♥️

  9. ..

    Dog bless precious Mr. Otis..
    and his new loving human Nina..

    ..may years of gentle sweet love lie ahead…

  10. Congratulations Otis- now put on some weight! I hope your new home is warm but not too warm. God Bless you and your new mommy.

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