There is always a BILL in Billboard

Bill Wasinger, our dear friend and advocate for puppy mill dogs, passed away 4 days ago, leaving the entire Harley community in shock and heartbroken. Bill touched so many people with his wholehearted approach and deep compassion for helping dogs that are suffering in puppy mills. Bill’s wife, Wynn, would like to honor his legacy by encouraging their friends to make a donation toward our “Puppies aren’t Presents” billboard campaign, which will go live across the country during the month of December … because, as she says, “There is always a Bill in Billboard!” This campaign has the potential to educate millions of people about the commitment involved in purchasing a puppy, which not only exacerbates the homeless-dog overpopulation crisis, it supports the cruel puppy mill industry … a cause that Bill was so passionate about.

“Friends are reaching out to me asking if they could make a donation in Bill’s name. I would love it if donations were made in his name to the Harley Billboard campaign. There is always a ‘Bill in Billboard’ and this will make him and Harley smile.” – Wynn

Donations to our “Puppies aren’t Presents” billboard campaign via Facebook can be made by clicking here. You can also donate in Bill’s memory through our general donation link (please select the box “dedicate this donation” and enter Bill’s name).

Read more about our dear Bill at this link.


  1. All of us need to step up to try and replace the efforts Bill took to end puppy mills. It will not be easy.

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