Ode To Otis

Ode To Otis
By Andrea Cunningham © 2018

Cranky Frankie is getting a buddy.
Soon, Frankie will have a new pal.
Most of you know this,
The new guy’s named Otis.
And play in the sunshine they shall!

For here, life is sweet,
With the grass on their feet,
A soft bed and warm hearts full of love.
No, it’s not just a dream.
Harley’s House of Dreams it seems,
Includes kind hands and soft belly rubs!

Cricket, Miss Pickles and Teddy
Are waiting, excited and ready,
For Frankie’s new friend at the door.
They’ll take turns teaching Otis.
And soon he won’t notice,
The sad stuff so much anymore.

And Frankie will smile,
As he’s done all the while,
With his crankiest, snaggle-toothed grin.
Sharing his bright sunny spot,
In the doggy jackpot,
‘Cause right here’s where good dreams begin!

Written by Andrea Cunningham © 2018


  1. Congratulations Otis to your new life. You are already loved ❤️🐾🐾 beyond belief 🐾🐾

  2. So happy that Otis is getting along so well in her new home.💜

  3. Lovely poem, Andrea. I wish Otis was staying with Frankie, but I think he’ just passing through.

  4. So adorable! Love this so much! Congrats to Otis and all who are awaiting his arrival!

  5. You will be loved like you never have b4, u have a new family Otis, good luck with them. Enjoy your new freedom. We will all love you to pieces Otis.🐕💝🐶💋🙋😊…..Love Roxanne Wright…..Part of Harley’s extended family…..

  6. Aww, he looks and sounds like just the sweetest little buddy anyone could want. So thankful that he’s found his way to Harkey’s house of Hope where he will live the happiest life he could possibly want, with wonderful humans to care for him and a beautiful bevy of little doggy friends to spend his days with. God bless you with many more years to enjoy life Otis.

  7. Awesome….perfectly stated. You make me smile all the while….can’t wait for your next post!

  8. love that Otis will have a happy and loved home, and I really like the poem. Spoken so well

  9. Love, love, love…..cannot wait to see him thrive in his new home and blossom with all the love he will be receiving…

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