What is Trunk-or-Treat? This activity is an alternative to traditional trick-or-treating for Halloween. Think of it as a Halloween tailgate party. Instead of children going door-to-door to get candy, they walk through a parking lot and go trunk-to-trunk. The trunk of your car becomes your front porch! 

Our Harley’s Heroes teams participated in Trunk-or-Treat events across the country last weekend, but spotlighted here is our Valrico, Florida team who not only passed out child-friendly puppy mill awareness supplies, they also provided activities for the children who visited their booth (trunk). 1,300 children participated in their event and, based on votes by attendees, they won the most popular car trunk award. Congratulations Team!! Be sure to watch the slideshow below.

Learn about Harley’s Heroes here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Thank you for all you did this Halloween to get the message out to the kids. Congratulations on winning best trunk.


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