Harley’s Heroes Prepare to “Take a Bite out of Puppy Mills”

Our Harley’s Heroes of Valrico, Florida took advantage of the Take a Bite out of Puppy Mills initiative and had a party! This was a perfect way for them to conduct their monthly meeting and prepare awareness baggies for their upcoming trunk-or-treat & fall festival event. In only 2 hours they packed 700 awareness bags (WOW!!) which included a variety of halloween-themed, child-friendly items that will educate youth about puppy mills.

We are grateful to our Valrico-based Harley’s Heroes (and all our Harley’s Heroes across the nation) for working hard to spread the message about puppy mills!

You can form your own Harley’s Heroes Puppy Mill Action & Awareness Team! Being a Harley’s Heroes doesn’t mean you have to protest a pet store, and it doesn’t mean you have to speak during a city council meeting. There are many ways that our Harley’s Heroes spread awareness and educate the public about puppy mills without ever leaving their comfort zone. Learn more here: www.harleysdream.org/harleys-heroes


  1. That’s awesome !! Maybe someday our group will grow and we can do more.

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  2. Awesome work everyone. I need to look into getting something off the groun here in Australia too.

  3. All these ladies are certainly heroes for fighting puppy mills. I live in Iowa and was outraged when I found out that Iowa is a state that has a lot of puppy mills, so I’ve been calling and writing our legislators urging them to do more against animal cruelty and puppy mills. Keep up the good work ladies!

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