Cricket’s Going to the Hero Dog Awards!

Don’t let her shy demeanor fool you. Cricket is super excited that she gets to go to the American Humane Hero Dog Awards in Beverly Hills this weekend!

For those of you who don’t know, Cricket was our first puppy mill rescue (nearly 10 years ago). She was our introduction into that horrible industry. It was because of Cricket we became advocates for dogs suffering in cages, and more importantly, it was because of Cricket, we found Harley!!

Cricket was the most traumatized dog we’ve ever had, she suffered at the hands of some very cruel people during the 5 years she lived in the mill. She had c-sections without anesthesia. Over time, she grew to become the sweetest, kindest and most gentle dog we’ve ever had. She’s very dear to us and we’re so happy to be taking our girl to the Hero Dog Awards!!

PS: Cricket doesn’t like having her picture taken, but we’ll do our best to capture her trip as best we can, so be sure to follow on Harley’s Facebook page!


  1. Awww…poor Cricket. It makes me sad that you suffered so much. But I am so happy that you are getting to go to the Hero Dog Awards. I hope you have the best time.

  2. I had no idea Cricket was the first rescue from the puppy mills and I’m so,sorry she was treated so badly. I’m so happy she will be making the trip, I will be waiting to hear about her trip. Love that little girl. Mary Ann. 🐶💗💗💗💗💗💗

  3. Have a fun safe trip Cricket ,Rudi and Dan. Tell Teddy, Willow hi for us. Can’t wait to hear all about everyons adventure there.

  4. Sweet Cricket…please enjoy your trip to the Heroes awards. Don’t be afraid…Harley’s with you in spirit…and you know mom and dad keep you safe. Your turn to shine!

  5. ..
    ..what an angel baby sweet CRICKET is..
    I too had no idea she was the first..
    ..extra special she is..
    have a grand adventure at the awards..
    ..CRICKET and all the Taylors and Teddy too..

    Precious HARLEY is always as close to you as your breathing..


  6. Had no Idea about her being the first. Love to you Cricket!! ❤️❤️❤️ Have fun at the Awards!!

  7. She is adorable have fun Cricket. We’re proud of you. Glad your loved and safe now

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how all these poor dogs who’ve suffered unimaginable horror lives in puppy mills, as well as other places where abuse is rife, can manage to be so loving, gentle, grateful and kind to those they encounter at point of rescue. There must be some sort of “loving kindness scent” that only dogs can smell that they manatees from the pores of those cesrthly angels who are committed heart and soul to animal rescue. Every video I’ve ever seen in years of supporting rescue, shows very dog almost delirious with gratitude for their new found freedom, no matter how much suffering they will continue to bless endure as they mend and heal. I say God bless and thank you to everyone of these angels for every life they save.
    Sorry for being long winded but the topic deserves the words.

  9. Congratulations Cricket, you certainly deserve the Hero Dog Award! You are definitely a sweetheart! What you went through before finding your forever, loving family, should never happen to any animal. Every night I pray that some day, all those heartless people will be put out of business!

  10. That’s wonderful news. Precious doggies like Cricket who have moved on and continued to tell their story are the key component in the never ending battle to shut down every temple of evil – puppy mill. Thank the Good Lord for wonderful people yourselves who have answered the call to stand up for Cricket and every puppy mill dog – past, present and future to ensure that their plight will never lose importance and urgency, and that communities everywhere are thoroughly educated with the facts about these hell holes.

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