Misty’s 16th Birthday Party

At just 3 months old, sweet Misty was rescued along with her mother, Savannah (a McNab Cattle Dog) … that was 16 years ago! Misty has since led a very happy and full life filled with trips to the beach, the mountains, the snow and the desert along with her “mom” Harley’s Hero, Lynda Hill.

The diagnosis of nasal cancer a few months ago hasn’t slowed Misty down, and she even celebrated her 16th birthday recently with a big party that included a #LoveLikeHarleyRocks painting table! Misty was also on the cover of Pet Me Magazine and was a background extra in the upcoming movie Superpower Dogs, opening in March 2019.

Be sure to follow Misty’s Bucket List Adventures on Instagram at:  www.instagram.com/misty_bucketlist

This encouraging update is from Misty’s mom: “Misty underwent Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Dr Lyons at the Veterinary Cancer Group. Dr. Lyons is one of a very few doctors in Southern California who can do this kind of radiation. She had 3 treatments and her last one was September 4th. She is doing really well and her nose bleeding has stopped. It’s too soon to tell but I think the tumor has shrunk at least a little.”

Misty with her “mom” Lynda
Misty’s birthday cake!
#LoveLikeHarleyRocks painting table at Misty’s birthday party





  1. ..♫ Happy 16th Birthday beautiful MISTY ♫..

    my wish for you..
    pretty girl..
    is so many many more
    sweet days
    filled with love
    and favorite things
    and *magic*..


  2. wow that is so exciting that she was healthy enough for radiation at 16 – great that she had a wonderful party Happy Birthday Misty

  3. Happy Birthday Misty! Love from me and my pack in Southern California. 🙂

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