Teddy’s Birthday Wish!

Today is a really BIG day for me! It’s my 13th birthday!! That’s right, I was born on Sept 7, 2005. I lived 7 years in a puppy mill cage and have now lived 6 years in freedom!

As you may know, this has been a pretty tough summer for me and we took everything one day at a time. There were days Mom worried whether I would make it to see this birthday, but with great medical care and your love and prayers, I’m doing well right now and I’m ready to celebrate! Mom asked me what I want to do for my special day – – well you KNOW it will include lots of belly rubs (for sure), maybe a trip to the Golden Arches (ha ha), spending time with my family, and some other fun things!

But I do want this special birthday to have meaning and to honor my best buddy, Harley, too. So, I would love to hear from you! If you’d like, please send a Birthday card (and if you’re able, enclose $1.00 for Harley’s Dream) to:

c/o Harley’s Dream
PO Box 64
Berthoud, CO 80513

All the money raised in honor of my 13th Birthday will go to Harley’s Dream to help put an end to puppy mills! Thanks so much for your birthday wishes and for helping us carry on Harley’s mission!

Love, Teddy


  1. Happiest of Birthdays to you, sweet Teddy…. seeing you on facebook every day makes me smile. I wish you many, many, more wonderful birthdays…and I will be donating in your honor… <3 I am fortunate enough to have one of your original paintings…pink pawprints on a blue sky…and I treasure it, It hangs right next to the tile I have of Harley and his sunflower. Bless you are all the good works you do..

  2. Love Teddy. He always looks happy even when he’s not feeling well. I mailed a birthday card/donation this morning on my way to work. Here’s wishing sweet Teddy many more,healthy, happy years!

  3. Happy Birthday Teddy
    We love you and your art and everything about you ❤ 🎂 💘 💘 and many more

  4. Happy Birthday Teddy. Hope this is a day filled with much love and I hope that all your wishes

    and dreams come true on this special day.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Teddy. May your day be filled with sunshine and lots of love.

  6. ..
    ♫ Happy Birthday sweetest TEDDY ♫

    ..you treasure of a brave *hero role/model*..
    may you have so many more..
    ..may today be the most special..

    Sending tons of love..

  7. ,,,
    PS, Sending you a birthday card..
    precious *birthday boy*..
    with a little “sugar” in it for Harley’s Dream..

    Hope to get it in the mail today..
    If not, tomorrow for sure…

  8. 🎉🐾 Happy Birthday Teddy!!! First thing Monday morning I will mail you a birthday card with your “wish” enclosed! Keep celebrating that the day is not over yet! Love you Teddy!!😊🐾🌻

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  9. Hi Teddy Happy Belated Birthday I will be sending you a BD card but it will be late

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