Happy Birthday Mary …. Love, Harley

Rudi, Dan and Mary having a little fun at a charitable gala!
Rudi, Mary, Dan and Harley – the day we first met!

It was just over 6 years ago that Mary came into our lives. Of course it was Harley that drew us together – he had a unique way of doing that – he still does! Anyway, since today is Mary’s birthday we’d like to take this opportunity to honor her for the amazing work she does for Harley’s Dream. Mary is exceptionally talented, she is the creative mind behind a majority of the graphic art that represents Harley, Teddy and their dream to end puppy mills. (scroll down to see some of Mary’s work)

Besides being one of the most brilliant people we know, Mary has also become one of our dearest friends. She is compassionate, selfless and generous … and sooo funny! She is always there when we need her. We’re so grateful to have her in our lives.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY!! We love you so much!
Dan and Rudi …. and Harley


  1. A Most Happy Birthday Mary……hope you have a marvelous day! <3

  2. Happy birthday Mary have a wonderful day . THANKS YOU for all you do for Harleys Dream. 🎂🍰❤🌻 Sue and Mark ,Mocha and Vango.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mary. You truly are brilliant, and thank you for all you do.

  4. Mary, a heartfelt thank you for your dedication to Harley’s Dream, your creative art work is very eye catching. Wishing you a joyful birthday and a very creative year to come.

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