Celebrating National Aviation Day and Harley’s Dad

Ever since 1939, August 19th has been celebrated as National Aviation Day, the legacy of a presidential proclamation first made by Franklin D. Roosevelt to celebrating the birthdate of civil aviation pioneer Orville Wright. So … we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to announce that Harley’s dad, Dan, is now a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws! He will be helping animals in need by providing air transportation as often as he is able.

Dan’s first PNP mission was on August 10th, when he, along with fellow pilot David Beattie, flew from Denver to Dodge City, Kansas and picked up 2 very sweet and lucky dogs. Twila and Susie Q (3-year-old Shepherd mix and 11-month-old Schnauzer mix) were saved from a high-kill shelter in Arkansas. Once they arrived in Denver, they were immediately taken into foster care with Summit Dog Rescue in Boulder, Colorado. What a great day it was!! Enjoy the pictures below.

Happy National Aviation Day and congratulations to Harley’s dad!


  1. God Bless Harley’s Dad and all of you that work to help these dogs….. <3

  2. AWESOME DAN!! Congrats to you and thank you and all the pilots of PNP!

  3. Thank you Dan and everyone for all you do flying the animals home. Happy aviation day

  4. You all are so GREAT!! Thanks for all that you do! This is such a great program!!

  5. Awesome that Can is doing this…lucky dogs that he will be helping..!!

  6. Oh Dan and David! You filled my heart with joy knowing that you saved these furry friends from their misery!! Thank you! ❤️😊🐾🌻

  7. I’m so glad these sweet dogs have been saved. And, Rudy, you’re a man of many talents. Thanks for always thinking about the animals.

  8. you all do a great job helping and transporting these wonderful dogs thanks to all help fly them to different places so they can have a good and happy life

  9. I love Pilots for Paws that’s wonderful! Please be safe out there Dan!! 🐾

  10. Happy Aviation Day to Dan! (Belatedly), and thank you so much for all the work you do to save the doggies!

  11. Happy Aviation Day to Dan who is still doing wonderful work in Harley’s name! Thank you for everything you do, Dan!

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