Massachusetts Students Making a Difference for Puppy Mill Dogs

Thanks to Carol Ann Solares for incorporating the Superheroes Against Puppy Mills materials into her Social Communication Class summer program at Joyce Middle School in Woburn, MA. The students learned about puppy mills, current events happening in the industry, and some bills being passed in the MA senate. They were so excited about the project and organized a successful lemonade fundraiser which raised $440 for Harley’s Dream!

Children play an important role in their household when it comes to adding a pet to the family. They are our next generation of decision-makers and they will be responsible for ensuring the humane treatment of animals in years to come. Teachers who educate their students about animal welfare issues are helping make a huge difference in our world. Thank you, Carol Ann!


  1. What a wonderful thing for these children to do concerning Puppy Mills. When a child grows up with an animal and is taught how to take care of them makes them better adults!


  2. What a fantastic effort. Well done. It’s good to see the profile of young people raised for the good they do, instead of downing them so often due to the small percentage ‘bad element’ which in fact exists, not only n the young but in all ages and cultures of the human race.

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  3. This is fantastic, teach them young about being responsible and compassionate….the end of puppymills is in sight! ❤


  4. This is AWESOME! As a retired teacher, I love seeing kids get involved in worthy causes early in their life.


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