Frankie Gets Acupuncture

Keeping Frankie comfortable and as pain-free as possible is extremely important to us.  Under that guidance of his Internist, Cardiologist and Neurologist, up until recently, his pain has been managed through medication. But lately Frankie’s been experiencing more and more discomfort, so we decided to contact Dr. Shawn Dixon of Balanced Veterinary Care. Today was Frankie’s first treatment!

Dr. Dixon is amazing! She spent more than an hour working on Frankie and was so gentle that he quickly relaxed and accepted the magnetic therapy, laser treatment and even acupuncture (7 needles!!) with ease. We’re happy to say that Mr. Frankie Long-Legs is a happy camper this evening! He will have another treatment on June 20th.

Check out the photos below and be sure to watch the video.


  1. Awwwwww…
    what a brave little trouper..

    you’re in my heart..
    precious FRANKIE ♥♥

  2. Much Love and Prayers to you Mr. Frankie! You’re a cutie patootie!

  3. That is great news hope Frankie feels better after each treatment . You Rudi and Dan are such loving caring people. ❤ hugs and belly rubs for Frankie

  4. I was told I needed to try acupuncture. Frankie… let me know what you think 💞

  5. I’m so glad you are able to get these wonderful treatments for Frankie. May I ask what is around his neck? It’s great that there are vets who bring these alternative treatments into their practice. Thank you So much for keeping us in the loop when it comes to his ongoing care. We all love little Frankie and want the best for him. The photos and video are super. 💗💗💗

  6. I used to get chiro adjustments a long time ago for my back.. Still use them to tho day…but my back was hurting so bad I tried accupenture and it really helped my back for the pain..I sure hope it helps Frankie…. Thetes nothing like pain… I’ll pray for Frankie..

  7. Awww, what a sweet little guy! I love his little
    voice. I’m sending a very gentle belly rub.

    Love you. ❤️

  8. We had a foster Sheltie named Laddy that we took in to have acupuncture. It worked wonders for him, as we hope it will for Frankie too. <3

  9. This is wonderful, prayers it works miracles for little Frankie….such a cutie pie! Love!

  10. I have used laser on my dogs for a while now and it works! From my Chihuahuas to my Rottweilers.
    the treatments have greatly improved their lives. Way to go Frankie. You are a warrior.

  11. You’re doing great Frankie! I wish we could find someone around here to give our Harley D. those treatments, he’s got arthritis in his hips and they sure hurt. Keep it up Frankie, I know you’ll feel better! <3

  12. So glad to hear that Frankie is being treated for pain which seems to be working for the little sweetheart. Praying for Frankie and his loving family!

  13. We love Frankie and happy to hear he feels better 💘 💘😊😊

  14. I have been missing the FB posts, so I found you on the intranet. Frankie looks good, looks like he put on some weight. I hope the treatment helps him with the pain. Miss seeing lil Frankie on FB.

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