Lila: Superhero Against Puppy Mills

Ten-year-old Lila is making a difference in her community by advocating for dogs living in puppy mills. We’re extremely proud of this little Superhero Against Puppy Mills!  Recently, Lila educated students and their parents at an after-school care program, teaching them about the pet store/puppy mill connection and encouraging them to “adopt, don’t shop.”

Lila had the following to say, “Harley and Teddy’s message is important for me to share because it helps educate adults and children about what a puppy mill really is. Most adults I talk to have never heard of puppy mills, so I feel that it is necessary to get the word out whenever I can. Children are very interested in Harley and Teddy’s stories, so I find them always wanting to learn more. I always try to represent Harley’s Dream by wearing my Harley jacket or T-shirt, especially at school. The Harley or Teddy tattoo that is usually on my hand gets everyone’s attention and I get to tell them all about what it represents. I feel that the people I help educate about puppy mills will at least tell a few more people as well. I have hope that spreading Harley and Teddy’s message will bring and end to puppy mills. I will always do my best to be a superhero against puppy mills.” – Lila

Learn how YOU can Be a Superhero Against Puppy Mills here:


  1. Yay Lila, she certainly is a super hero! With all the animal abuse occurring these days parents need to teach their children how to take care of a pet with care and love! Kids growing up with pets grow up to be good pet parents!

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