A Dream to Call My Own – Harley

This beautiful video was originally produced in 2014 by Aubrie Kavanaugh of Paws4Change. Harley was lucky; his dream of a home came true. But that dream doesn’t usually come true for the hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs living in puppy mills today. Aubrie recently re-made the video to include our organization, Harley’s Dream, at the end. ENJOY!

A special thanks to Paws4Change for always supporting Harley, and especially to Kathy Fisher and Ron Wasserman for allowing use of their wonderful song, “Home”.


  1. What a wonderful video of your precious Harley! I crying right now with tears of joy to know that little Harley finally found a great home with a family that gave him all the love he deserved!

  2. This is a personal favorite of mine. Harley led such a wonderful life after he was rescued. It is up to all of his to keep his legacy strong.

  3. Thank you for this lovely song and its accompanying photos of Harley. My heart breaks knowing he is no longer with us but I am so happy he found such a loving family. I wish I could have held him in my arms.

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