The word “Harley” is a verb to me

Bridget and Princess Eleanor

Bridget is a Harley’s Hero, the mom of several rescue pets, a wonderful writer, and a very dear friend. She wrote the following.

What being a Harley’s Hero means in my life. The word Harley is a verb to me, it means:

Find hope in the hopeless
Leave the past behind
Look for a promising future
Offer kindness to the broken
Trust every human heart can evolve
Extend service
To forgive is to heal
Work diligently at your goal
Change is found through love and education
Everyone has a journey
Every journey is for the greater good
Gentle is most powerful
Until the last cage is opened
Mill dogs rock
All dogs rock
Be more dog

– Written by Bridget Wolf, Harley’s Hero, and mom to puppy mill survivor, Princess Eleanor

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Bridget with Harley, early 2016
Bridget (right) with her Harley’s Heroes team and Princess Eleanor, spreading awareness about puppy mills.



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