FREE Children’s Awareness Kits for Educators

Share this fun (and free) opportunity with the teachers in your community!

April 28th is officially National Superhero Day, and what better way to celebrate it than to encourage youth to become “Superheroes Against Puppy Mills!”

Children are the future of animal welfare. Many times they influence and are involved in purchasing decisions in the family – especially when it involves a puppy. Our hope is that through this campaign they learn what they can do to help make humane decisions and take simple actions to not support puppy mills.

We are thrilled to offer FREE “Be a Superhero Against Puppy Mills” Children’s Awareness Kits to elementary school educators throughout the USA. These awareness kits are free of charge. They are filled with child-appropriate information, giveaways, worksheet activities and resources to be used in conjunction with National Superhero Day (or at any time of the year). We suggest collaborating with other educators to take full use of the bulk quantities. Complete this form to order your free kit.

The following is included in the “Be a Superhero Against Puppy Mills” kit:

  • Bracelets (100 youth-size)
  • Temporary Tattoos (100)
  • Stickers (100)
  • Mini-Flyers (100)
  • Bookmarks (100)

The following activity worksheets are provided for duplication:

  • Harley & Teddy’s Superhero Story
  • Harley & Teddy Superheroes Coloring Sheet
  • Superhero Harley Coloring Sheet
  • Superhero Teddy Coloring Sheet
  • Superhero Emblem Coloring Sheet
  • Escape from Puppy Mill Maze (beginner)
  • Escape from Puppy Mill Maze (intermediate)
  • H for Harley Maze
  • T for Teddy Maze
  • Superhero Word Search
  • Superhero Word Scramble
  • If I Were a Superhero (writing project)
  • How to Be a Superhero (activity)
  • What Would a Superhero Do? (activity)
  • Design Your Superhero Cape (art project)
  • Design Your Superhero Emblem (art project)
  • Superhero Certificate
  • Write a Letter to Your Legislator (writing project)

For the educator’s reference:

  • Who is Harley brochure (4)
  • Pet Store Puppies brochure (4)
  • What is a Puppy Mill brochure (4)

Complete and submit the following form to order your free awareness kit or click here to access the form.

Harley & Teddy were known as ‘the two tiniest superheroes’. They not only helped to save more than 700 dogs, they dedicated their lives to educating people about pet store puppies. Our belief is that everyone can be a superhero against puppy mills – all you need to do is put on the cape!


  1. I am the director of a 501c3 animal rescue called ROAR. I would be very interested in the education packet. Is There a way I could get it please. My name is Tracy Lee from Reflection’s Outcast Animal Rescue. Our address is 535 Woodside drive Battle Creek MI, 40937.

  2. Yes I will provide feedback. I am a huge supporter of rescuing dogs and completely against puppy mills. I will cherish this opportunity to raise awareness.

  3. I am in hawaii. I run a 501c3 non profit rescue and need to do a school project for grades 2-5. Lots of children. Do you have any items we can use for this? is our site. We rescue out of our shelters between 500-600 dogs a year. But we need help. Our island is entrenched in old school ideas about spay/neuter and we are making progress. But we need to educate our youth. Can you help?

    Aloha, Daylynn Kyles , President.

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