Be a Superhero Against Puppy Mills

National Superhero Day is observed annually on April 28th. This is a day to honor superheroes, both real and fictional. Superheroes are great role models for children; they serve and protect while fighting evil. We believe that everyone who is taking action against puppy mills is a Superhero! In honor of this day, we will celebrate “Superheroes against Puppy Mills” throughout the month of April … and we invite you to join us!

“There’s a Superhero inside all of us, you just need the courage to put on the cape.” – Superman

To help you “Be a Superhero against Puppy Mills”, we’ve developed a wide variety of merchandise, educational tools, free downloads and more.

Products designed to help spread the word and spark conversation!
T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, market bags, doggie scarves, bracelets, stickers, temporary tattoos and other Superhero items are a great way to spread the message about puppy mills. Shop here:

Awareness Kits for Educators
We offer FREE “Superheroes Against Puppy Mills” puppy mill awareness kits to elementary school educators in the USA. Order your kit here:

Children’s Activities
Download, print, and distribute FREE “Superheroes against Puppy Mills” children’s activity sheets. Included are coloring sheets, mazes, word search, word scramble, and much more! You’ll find all the downloads at this link.

Use this hashtag on all your social media posts through the month of April!

Host a Superhero Party!
National Superhero Day is on Saturday, April 28th, a perfect day for a party. Gather your friends and family and we’ll provide lots of great ideas for your party.

Contact your Legislators
We created a sample letter that’s easy to copy and paste for printing or email. Find the letter here.

Superhero Poster
Our “Be a Superhero Against Puppy Mills” poster measures 16×20 and can be printed to displayed in classrooms, at events or parties, in businesses, or even your home! Download the poster here.

Superheroes Garland for Classrooms, Events or your home!
Make a Harley & Teddy “End Puppy Mills” hanging garland. Learn how here.

Read the Story of Harley & Teddy
Two Tiny Superheroes Against Puppy Mills

Watch the Video!


  1. Thank you for all the information on how we can help end puppy mills.

  2. I’ve been a Harley (& Teddy) Dreamer since 2015
    that beautiful informative video “got me” good…
    (grabbing for tissue)

    Love you forever, precious Harley..
    Teddy too..

    Will always be a Harley’s Dreamer until my last breath
    or until all the evil puppy mills are gone..
    which ever is first.


  3. I’m so excited about this campaign.. I’d love 2 educational kits to do s presentation at Holy Trinity elementary school. I love the ladies lightweight hoodie but maybe I’ll be able to get one someday.. darn car accident !! Anyway,, I’m not s teacher but I’m will to do s presentation at my parish school…

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  4. What if we all banded together and had a letter
    describing the history of PM, the daily horrific abuses and filthy, disgusting conditions these poor, defenseless dogs (and other animals!) are forced to endure until their bodies finally give up and they’re thrown into a bucket like Harley to die, or outright killed, and include pictures (very graphic, unfortunately!), and took them to a local D.C. post office on the same day addressed to the president, Vice President, every single congressman, senator at their Washington, D.C. address, so they’re mail boxes were overflowing with all our letters, demanding they acknowledge this horrific business of puppy mills has got to be stopped forever, once and for all in this country!!! And follow that up making it a heavily punishable crime for anyone to run any kind of a puppy mill in the future???? I’m not the best st composing a letter, especially one as important as this one, but I’d be more than willing to transport all the letters to the DC post office for mailing!!!! Perhaps, a march in DC a few days later, to make sure our voices for Harley, Teddy, and ALL those still imprisoned and the future innocent victims, will be heard and puppy mills will finally be shut down and closed forever!!!!

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