Love, Lil Dill and Gracie

We received the following letter and picture from a sweet little dog named Dilly and it warmed our hearts so much that we wanted to share with everyone!


I’m Dilly and behind me in the picture is my sis, Gracie. Gracie knew Harley as she was rescued on the last “Harley and Teddy to the Rescue” in 2016. The day before Harley crossed the rainbow bridge he posted a picture of me, Dilly, asking for someone to give me my forever home as I had just arrived from Houston and had come from another terrible place. Before the rescue sprung me I was due to cross the rainbow bridge the next day because no one wanted me. I was blind in one eye and my other eye was infected real bad. I barely weighed 4 lbs and was really sick and HW positive. Harley’s facebook posting showed up in my granddad’s inbox. He said he fell in love with me right off. Even though they already had 3 dogs, they said there was always room for someone in need and brought Gracie and me into their pack together.

We both thank Harley and his family for helping us to freedom and getting us to our forever family.

Lil Dill (and Gracie)

Harley’s facebook post about Dilly, March 19, 2016 (the day before Harley passed away).
Gracie was saved from a puppy mill during the last “Harley to the Rescue” after spending 8 years in a cage.


  1. what a sweet story – no dog should be discounted and should have the best life possible

  2. Awww sweet babies. Harley touched so many lives that their stories have never been told. I think if Rudi and Dan wrote a book it would be a million pages or more…..

  3. A beautiful story to hear on Easter Sunday! Bless you fur babies and your human family <3

  4. What a wonderful story….Harley helped and is still helping to save others and find them furever families….. 💗💗💗

  5. such a precious story. Harley is alive and well even though he has already left this earth.

  6. God bless wonderful people like them. Harvey is smiling down from above. The world is full of love although it may not seem like it for the most part. Thank you.

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