Harley Inspires Children Through Creativity

We love how Harley’s message is being shared by children through their art and making a difference for dogs!

Miss Dupont, an (amazing) special education teacher at Woodland Elementary School in Massachusetts, shares her love of animals with her students by including animal welfare in her curriculum. She also created an “Animals Lovers Club” for children in 3rd through 5th grades. And our Love Like Harley ROCKS campaign was a perfect fit! The children paint rocks which include pictures and hashtags (#LLH or #LoveLikeHarley) and then they hide the rocks to be found by others. In doing so, they will encourage puppy mill awareness!

“I ran the Animal Lovers Club last fall, too, but we did other things like run a supply drive for a local humane society and we created weekly posters that showed their adoptable pets. It was great, but I like how the Harley message teaches them a little more in a child-friendly, but factual way.” – Miss Dupont

Enjoy the photos below, they will warm your heart!

#LoveLikeHarley Rocks on display at Woodland Elementary School.
Students at Woodland Elementary School created advertisements of dogs available for adoption at their local humane society.

Learn about Love Like Harley ROCKS!


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