Harley Inspired Us

Harley always did everything on his terms. He left us when he was ready, knowing that the had prepared us for the next step. Harley changed lives, he gave confidence, he healed some of us, he gave us hope for a brighter future, he did many things for many people … but most importantly, he inspired.

We ask that those of you who felt this inspiration, please hold on to it. Continue to be inspired … in honor of Harley, in honor of the puppy mill dogs that need us.

Thank you for believing in Harley and for making his dream … your own.

Dan and Rudi
(Harley’s very grateful mom & dad)

PS: If you didn’t know Harley, please take the time to read about him and we’re sure you’ll be inspired, too. www.harleysdream.org


  1. I will always love Harley! I have him as my Facebook picture because I want people to know about him.


  2. Harley has inspired me join the fight against puppy mills and the horror they cause. I love being on the team and speading the word to end puppy mills.
    Thank you. 💘


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