Happy Gotcha Day, Harley!

It was seven years ago today that Harley came into our lives. We refer to March 18th as Harley’s “Gotcha Day”. As many of you know, after being rescued, we didn’t expect Harley would be with us more than just a few months as he was so unhealthy due to the neglect he suffered during his 10 years in the puppy mill. So, Harley’s first Gotcha Day, in particular, was a really big deal.

A book could be written about the five years that followed, but instead, I’m going to skip to Harley’s fifth and last Gotcha Day, which was also his 15th birthday … March 18, 2016.

Instead of dwelling on the sadness, I’ll tell you some of the highlights of that day. I remember it was a sunny day and Harley was able to spend a little time outside on our deck, he ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and he got to wear a birthday shirt that was made especially for him. He went to the post office to pick up his birthday mail, he loved car rides! Harley got his picture taken with our grandson who turned one-year-old that same day, that was special. It was a great day. Harley went to dinner with us, and he even begged for my food after he’d eaten his own. We then visited Starbucks for a “puppaccino” before heading home to tuck Harley into bed (with us, of course). A memorable day for sure!

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, HARLEY!!! We love you so much!

Please enjoy the photos. All of which were taken on March 18, 2016.

Harley wearing his 15th birthday shirt!
A car ride to the post office to pick up Harley’s birthday mail!
Harley and our grandson, Taylor, celebrate the same birthday!
Harley’s birthday treat was almost bigger than he was!
A quiet moment with dad on Harley’s 15th birthday (5th gotcha day).
Harley had already eaten his dinner, but was begging for mom’s food, too!
Harley LOVED puppaccinos!! What a great end to a wonderful day!
Sound asleep… Harley had a wonderful day!


  1. …always in my heart, precious HARLEY…
    …I remember sending you a “Gotcha’ Day” card in 2016…
    …and then you had to go to the stars, sweet angel dog…
    …thank you for all the purpose and love you left us…
    …darling little boy..


  2. What beautiful pictures and wonderful memories. I miss Harley so much! He is a Hero! We must keep his dream alive!


  3. I had so much hoped to meet Harley that first year we went to Hops and Harley – Instead we celebrated his life – Harley’s Hero until the last one is free from the cage


  4. Harley sure had a lot of fun on his 15th Birthday!! He was such a precious boy!! I love & miss him so much!! I’m glad you keep his memory alive with posts & pictures. I do cry at times, because he’s gone. I’m also happy because the last five years of Harley’s life was filled with love & happiness!! Thank you Rudi & Dan. ❤️

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  5. Harley had a great 5 last years of his life. Rudi & Dan gave him a loving home. He was a Precious boy. l love & miss him so much. ❤️


  6. Always loved the pictures with Dan holding him so close and lovingly..thank you for sharing the memories..!!


  7. Thank you for sharing these memories. It is wonderful that he had such a great day but it is so horribly sad that he passed away 2 days later. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Love and miss you sweet Harley.


  8. Such a darling! At least he had a wonderful, loving home starting on March 18th! Happy Gotcha Day Harley! I know you are watching over Mom and Dad from Heaven.


  9. I love still seeing the pictures. I have followed Harley as long as you have had him. I felt like he was part of my family to. Thanks for all you do❤️


  10. Tears of both sadness and joy. Sadness that Harley crossed the Bridge, joy that he was rescued and knew love and kindness and warmth and good food. You must miss him terribly. ❤


  11. We always loved our Harley. I miss him so much. Just knowing he is no longer with us hurts. I am thankful that he had 5 good years. I once rescued a chow chow who spent 17 years tied to a tree. We only had him for one year but find solace in knowing that he had that one good year and left knowing we loved him.

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  12. Thank you for sharing Harley with us and keeping his memory alive! I will continue to spread the word about puppy mills and all that I have learned! Harley will be forever in our hearts! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  13. Harley was a pure Treasure. One of a kind…A diamond in the rough…A heart stealer…an angel sent from Heaven…
    His Mission will live on…forever!


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