Harley’s Hero, Kimberly Rose, Rhode Island H-7477

Kimberly Rose, our Harley’s Heroes team captain of Rhode Island, testified during a committee meeting yesterday as House Bill 7477 was introduced. This bill would prevent pet stores from selling dogs and cats obtained from commercial dog breeding facilities in the state of Rhode Island. The pet stores would be encouraged to offer rescue pets instead.

Kimberly refers to her team as ‘Harley’s Heroes RI Team: Little State Supporting Harley’s BIG Dream’ and offers her thanks, along with ours, to team members Elaine, Judy,  Paul, Florette and Mike who also attended the committee meeting – and also to the rest of her team Denise, Scout, Brienna and LA for their tireless work on behalf of the pups. Kimberly adds, “And of course, thanks to Harley for the inspiration, and Teddy for continuing the dream!”

A special thanks to John Goodwin of the Humane Society of the United States for his valuable testimony. His dedication to ending puppy mills inspires us!


  1. I had left a comment on here th hat I guess was deleted. Anyway, I whole heartly believe, that there are too many unwanted animals in this world. Stores need to put rescued shelter animals up for adoption. No to puppy mills, I have a baby who as product if a puppy mill, and a puppy mill momma rescue. I see through her the horrors of puppy mills. I tell her story every chance I get to anyone who will and will not listen.

  2. God bless you all for what you do for our furbabies❤️❤️ May Happy forever homes come to all. May all killing including kill shelters!!! You are good people keep up the good work. 🐾❤️🐾❤️

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